14 Reasons To Be Happy On February 14th (Even If You’re Single)

Colorful Candy Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day

For many people, Valentine’s Day is their least favorite holiday. But there are so many reasons to love it, even if you are not spending the holiday with someone special. Here are fourteen reasons to be happy on Valentine’s Day (even if you are single)

          1. Chocolate

Why would someone not appreciate a holiday where it is socially acceptable to go buy huge boxes of chocolate? Even if you are gifting them to yourself, at least you do not have to share with anyone, right? And, February 15th all the chocolate is on sale, so even better!

2. Romantic Comedies Marathon on TV

Some people are embarrassed to admit that they love rom coms, but now you have an excuse to say that that was all that was playing on TV.

          3. Conversation Hearts

Whether or not you are spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one, conversation hearts will still be there to greet you with an overused Valentine’s Day saying.

          4. Festiveness

We all have to admit that we find the Target and CVS aisles a bit more aesthetically-pleasing during this time of year. Valentine’s Day just makes running errands that much more fun!

          5. Puns

Valentine’s Day gifts always come with some corny pun that although on the outside we may pretend aren’t funny, we secretly love. So if you are giving or receiving a teddy bear, make sure it comes with a card that reads “life would be unbearable without you.”

          6. Flowers

Our school sells carnations on Valentine’s Day so you can buy one for either a loved one or get one for yourself and pretend like someone else got it for you. Who says you can’t be your own valentine!

          7. Heart-Shaped Pizza

If you are looking for a romantic dinner date for you and a loved one or are having a night in with yourself, some pizzeria chain restaurants like Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are serving heart-shaped pizzas for the 14th.

          8. Donating to Charity

Although we commonly think of Valentine’s Day as a day we give gifts to our loved ones, the holiday is also a great opportunity to give back. For example, our school district is donating “valentines for vets” or you can donate gifts to other charities like UNICEF.

          9. Galentine’s Day

Before Valentine’s Day comes Galentine’s Day (February 13th) – a day to celebrate just with your friends, so no need to be in a relationship!

       10. Snapchat Filters

Snapchat has Valentine’s Day-themed filters for this time of year, so you can post a festive picture to celebrate the holiday.

       11. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

Holidays are all about tradition. And there is no better tradition than the classical Peanuts gang to wish you a happy holiday. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown is a great special to watch if you are looking for something fun to do on Valentine’s Day. 

       12. Starbucks Valentine’s Day Drinks

Starbucks comes out with new signature drinks each year around this time for Valentine’s Day. This year’s drinks include the Molten Chocolate Latte, the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino Blended Beverage, and the Molten Hot Chocolate. But they are around for a limited-time only, so make sure you pick one up this Valentine’s Day season.

      13. Dunkin Donuts Valentine’s Day Donuts

Dunkin Donuts comes out with signature donuts each year, but they are also available for a limited-time only, so don’t miss out! In addition to Dunkin Donuts’s annual classic Valentine’s Day donuts, they have added the Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Heart Donut and Brownie Batter Crumble Heart Donut to their menu this year.

     14. Love Surrounds You

Although this may be the most common reason people hate Valentine’s Day, it is the main reason I love it. Whether you realize it or not, studies show that you are happier when you are surrounded by happy people.  Happiness is contagious! You do not need to be in a relationship to have a valentine either. A valentine can be a friend, a sibling, a parent, or anyone who loves and cares about you. So go find your valentine and have a happy Valentine’s Day!