Dear Incoming Freshmen


Dear Incoming Freshmen,

Let me start off by saying welcome to the next four years of your life. As a graduating senior, I’ve made countless memories, both good and bad. There have been many moments that I wish I could go back and change, but many more that I wouldn’t change for the world. You may hear people call High School prison, hell, the best four years of your life.  They tell you that the girls are vicious and the guys will use you. You won’t keep friends. You’ll get your heart broken. You’ll be bullied. You’ll hate it.

But what they don’t tell you is that you’ll get through it. The time will fly by. You’ll make amazing friends. You don’t have to be the “popular kid.” You’ll come out stronger than you ever did. So right now, I want you to get every stereotype about high school out of your head, because it’s most likely wrong. That’s right, every single movie and TV show is wrong.

High school is a roller coaster. The funny thing is that everything that matters now, most likely won’t matter in a few years. That one paper you will be writing in 9th grade will be forgotten and that final you had to study all night for will be gone out of your head.The things you learn in high school will go one or two ways for you. Eighty percent of it will go to a spot in your brain, where you can’t remember anything but might remember a math formula here and there. The other twenty percent you learn will stay with you but it won’t be what you learn in the classroom.

Next up on the list are the teachers. There will be teachers who you will just butt heads with all the time, and that may cause the year to be a drag. But everyone has at least one teacher who will make an impact in your life. For me, that was my child development teacher Helen Dixon. She became my role model for the last two years. She was and still is the person I can go too. She’s the one that helped me decide that I want to pursue a career in Early Education. Almost everyone will have at least one teacher that will be more than just a teacher. They’ll be the ones to be so excited when you come home from college.

The people who you start high school with most likely won’t be the ones you end it with. I don’t mean to make you upset with that statement. It’s normal that friendships don’t stay together. The ones you take pictures with at graduation are the ones you want to make memories with instead of keeping an old friendship alive when it’s clear you have out grown them.

You will absolutely have crushes often. Some may turn into a relationship and some will leave you crying in your room watching reruns of One Tree Hill and eating ice cream. You need to remember that in four years you won’t be seeing the boy you spent hours crying over. Just try not to get so caught up in the relationship drama.

The saddest part is high school goes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it you go from not knowing your way around the school to walking up, getting your diploma and waving at your parents saying “I did it!”. Spend the next four years making memories. They might be the best and the worst times. But there is a whole world waiting for you after high school. Don’t rush it, take your time and always thank the people who helped you through it.