Abduction In The Heartland


Toni Anderson, a twenty year old Missouri native, went missing after leaving work around 4 a.m. on Tuesday while on her way to a Kansas City gas station. What was especially eerie about this disappearance was the text she sent to her boyfriend, Pete Sanchez, right before her failure to return home.
“Omg got pulled over again,” read the text, sent at 4:42 a.m.. Initially, Kansas City police checked to see if any officer had a record of pulling Anderson over, and none could be found. But, after checking again, they reported that she had indeed been pulled over by a North Kansas City Police Officer, but was not arrested or taken into custody. 

Conversely, a Missouri woman, Deb Smith, posted to an “Independence Missouri Community Awareness” Facebook page how there is a man driving in a “blue Ford Truck with tinted windows”, who is impersonating a police officer while driving on Interstate 70, which is a road near the club where Anderson is employed and one frequently taken by her. 

This odd case can educate others regarding safety while driving. It is known that men  impersonating police officers with the aim of abducting and assaulting young women in particular has become a commonplace method used by these abductors. Recently, two men in Philadelphia, one in Vancouver, and another in Yakima, Washington have all tried abducting women while impersonating police officers. It should always be kept in mind that if you are a woman driving alone and what you believe is a police officer is signaling you to pull over, you should always drive to the nearest occupied place such as a gas station or rest stop.

There is surprisingly little in the way of evidence or leads. Friends and family are hoping a new petition will convince Kansas City police to release dash-cam footage of a traffic stop just before her disappearance. It is unclear why the footage has not yet been released.

Although Anderson’s disappearance remains a mystery, police are still investigating her whereabouts. “She’s a great person, really nice. We’re all worried sick for her,” says Sanchez regarding his girlfriend.