Abortion Issues for Undocumented Immigrant

A 17-year old undocumented immigrant has entered the country without her parents.  She came hoping to achieve her dream of becoming a nurse however, after discovering she was pregnant in federal custody in Texas, the undocumented minor decided she wanted to have an abortion. 15 weeks into her pregnancy, she attempted to schedule an abortion, but Trump’s administration blocked her, prompting a lawsuit in federal court. The policies which were adopted by the Trump administration attempted to block pregnant minors held in immigrant detention from getting an abortion. According to the Los Angeles Times, “ E. Scott Lloyd, the head of the federal refugee agency that oversees detention centers for minors, is a longtime anti-abortion activist, and he has refused to allow Doe to leave the detention center to go to an abortion clinic.” The Texas state law has banned abortions after 2 weeks of pregnancy unless there is a medical emergency.

After weeks of legal disputes with Trump’s administration, the federal appeals court ruled in her favor on Tuesday. Confirmed by her lawyers, the minor underwent the abortion procedure on Wednesday morning. She knew there was a large amount of people that disagreed with her wish and attempted to persuade her to not go through with the abortion, but the undocumented 17-year-old stood her ground and stuck with her original decision.

Some Americans feel that the United States should not become the “abortion capital of the world.” Additionally some believe that due to her illegal status, she didn’t have the right to an abortion in the U.S. The Trump administration and many Republicans have stood against abortion. This case has caught people’s attention because it combines two issues he campaigned about vigorously; abortion, and immigration.

And what makes this situation even worse is the fact that she is an undocumented immigrant living in the U.S., another issue President Trump is completely against. This undocumented immigrant is living in the most popular political issues in America, abortion and immigration rights.