An Open Letter To My Past Teachers

My Past Teachers,


Thank you for never giving up on me, for understanding what I was going through. Thank you for looking past the declining grades and increased absences. For working with me until I was me again. I know I was not the easiest student and it would have been much easier just to fail me. I had so many amazing thoughts trapped in my head and you saw that. You saw my intelligence and refused to let it go unnoticed. You knew I needed an extra push or two to get those thoughts out. You saw more than a depressed and despondent teenager. You saw the student who so badly wanted to learn but couldn’t.

Thank you for the conversations. For the discussions in class, after class and all around the hallways. Thank you for letting me speak my mind and making sure I do it correctly. You made sure to relate to me and to show me that you are also a human who’s had experiences just like mine. Thank you for the stories that make me laugh endlessly. You have always found a way to make each class enjoyable. Your powerful voice inspired me to use my own.

Thank you for challenging me, for making me think. Thank you for pushing me to be a better student and a better person. You reminded me where I am in the world and how much I still have to learn. You’ve shown me that being young and not knowing much is not a bad thing, it’s actually one of the best places to be. I will always keep learning, I will always want to know more, because of you.

Thank you for being real. You understand the world of a student and the terribleness of the college system. Thank you for understanding why I was late. Thank you for giving me that cup of coffee when I needed it. You’ve let me take that ten minute nap or the longer than usual bathroom break, those moments helped just as much as your lessons. Thank you for treating me like a human. You treated me like a child when I acted like it and you treated me like an adult when I deserved it. Still, you have always treated me with kindness and empathy.

Thank you for being dependable. Thank you for reading over my college essays thirteen times. You have been there for anything and everything you could be for. Thank you for all the words I couldn’t think of. You’ve let me trust you by opening up through my writing. You encouraged me to keep writing when I wanted to give up. Thank you for the constructive criticism and the grammatical fixes. You have molded me into the writer I am today. Each piece I create, there is a little bit of you in it. .

Thank you for the little things. The small looks in class that make me laugh, the stickers next to my good grades, the fist bumps in the halls. Thank you for taking your time to make small jokes with me. You’ve shown me that I mean more to you than just a face in your classroom. These seemingly unimportant actions have made me who I am. I am proud to say that my personality has been influenced by you.


Being a teacher is one of the most difficult jobs. But you stick it out. You come in every day with a smile and a passion for knowledge, both spreading to your students. You work so hard and many times you don’t get the recognition you deserve. But nevertheless, you continue with the same strong heart. Thank you for being a teacher.

Thank you for being my teacher.  


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  1. Mrs. Sammartano | May 30, 2017 at 1:44 PM |

    awesome article, Ms. Feldis. Your teachers should consider themselves very fortunate!!!

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