AP Stress


AP tests are coming up next week for many high school students. These tests are placed at the beginning of the fourth quarter when students start ending their curriculum and reviewing for finals and regents. AP tests cause students to have an overwhelming amount of anxiety and stress. Teachers stress the importance of preparing for the exam, however they do not take into account the amount homework given each night and other tests which determine their third quarter grade. Therefore, here are three ways that will give you the best results!


  1. Schedule- It’s important for students to manage their time. Studying for many tests can be overwhelming. However, if you create a healthy plan that can balance tests, homework and AP review, then it can you will overall be successful. You should be studying for at most an hour every night and be giving yourself a break for either one or two days. Depending on how long you decide to study for, you have to plan out your topics. If you’re only studying a week or two before the test then you should make each night a different unit or every two nights. You must also take to consideration the topics you excelled in and the topics you had trouble in. Managing your time around test review and homework is necessary. A common problem faced by high school students is




Homework 3-5

Break 5-8

AP Review 8-9


AP Review 3-3:45

Break 4-5

Homework 5-7



Homework 3-4

Study for Math test 4-5

More Homework 5-6

AP Review 6-6:30/6:45



Club until 3:45

Study for Math test 4-5

AP Review 5-6

Homework 6-7:30/8



AP Review 4-4:30






Homework 4-6

AP Review 6-7


  1. Take practice exams and questions- This is a very beneficial way to eliminate stress, because you can be comfortable with answering these questions. The best practice tests and questions come from the College Board website, because they are the creators of the tests. If you aren’t that confident in a certain topic, Castle learning is a beneficial source because you are able to create your own tests, which can be very useful for high school students. When taking practice exams you shouldn’t stop and find the answers of the questions you’re stuck on, you should treat it as a real exam. Quizlet allows students to have a digital version of flash cards, however if you feel more comfortable writing out each flash card, which helps your memory, than paper flash cards are recommended for you. This way you’re able to see what you would get if it was the actual exam.

  1. Finally, you should NOT study before the night before the test. It’s a common misconception that cramming before the test gives you more knowledge of the subject, however this is incorrect. The only way to get the best results is to study a little but each day weeks prior to the test. Also, a good night’s sleep is essential because your brain needs rest to prepare for the test. If you go in tired, it can affect your grade dramatically. In the morning before the exam, it is important to eat a good breakfast so you have energy to make it through the exam.


    Stressing for this exam is not worth it, if you try your best and follow our tips you will expect great things!