At Least Twelve Dead After Gunman Attacks Agriculture Institute In Pakistan

                                               Crazy things are happening around this world and it keeps on going. Islamist militants stormed a provincial government complex in search for agricultural research in Pakistan resulting in twelve people killed and thirty-five wounded. During the attack, policemen and military troops killed three attackers during what was a firefight. They killed these three attackers while clearing the complex in Peshawar. Attackers opened fire on the main gate of the Provincial Agricultural Complex that led to wounding two guards and two students. The point of this was to clear the way into the building. The firefight caused the death of the twelve dead and dozens injured. As of right now, 6 students were dead, and the other six are not yet identified. Evacuation efforts saved lots of lives because without it, the death toll would have been much higher. 

             In the building there were bullet holes, broken glass, blood stains everywhere, which TV footage had shown. That Friday is a holiday where Muslims celebrate the birthday of the prophet Muhammad, which is why there were a lot of students present in the building. says, “Gen Asif Ghafoor said the fact that Tehrik-e-Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack proved it was planned in Afghanistan where the group is based. He said the attackers were in constant contact with their handlers in the neighboring country.” Fortunately, with a lot of people in the building, lots of people evacuated safely.