Baffled By The New Bachelor


On this past season of The Bachelorette, many fans applauded ABC for featuring Rachel Lindsay, the first African-American Bachelorette. The show is often criticized for starring white contestants with low-profile careers, but Lindsay defied The Bachelor Franchise’s stereotype, as she is also an attorney. However, just when the franchise seemed to be heading in the right direction, they made a hard left when it came to choosing the star of this season’s The Bachelor. Last Thursday, September 7th, Arie Luyendyk Jr. was announced as the new Bachelor on “Good Morning America.” If you are wondering if ABC made a major typo when spelling out Peter Kraus, then you are not alone. While most viewers were anticipating a contestant from this past season’s The Bachelorette, the #BachelorNation was outraged when learning that a contestant from fourteen – that’s right – FOURTEEN seasons ago was declared Season 22’s Bachelor. It has been so long since Luyendyk Jr. has been involved in The Bachelor Franchise that fans were not even aware that he was still alive!

According to a poll titled “Who Should Be The Bachelor 2018?” done by Heavy, 31.14% of people voted for Dean Unglert, third runner-up on this past season’s The Bachelorette , 28.25% voted for Peter Kraus, runner up, and other recent contestants had high counts in this survey as well.  Although 2.24% voted for other, we can pretty much guarantee that no one had Luyendyk Jr. in mind.  

The Bachelor Franchise seems to be heading towards the Dancing With The Stars direction – headlining semi-celebrities. Although the franchise is not known for starring famous contestants, we think that the #BachelorNation would agree that they would prefer no-name contestants who soon would become America’s power couple over people who one would barely call celebrities.  Luyendyk Jr.’s father is a seven-time champion of the Indy Car Races. The Bachelor has followed in Luyendyk Sr.’s footsteps, but has had little success compared to his father, as he has never taken home a first-place trophy in this race car competition. Maybe Luyendyk Jr. will have more luck on ABC than on ESPN, but that seems highly unlikely. 

When asked about his opinion of ABC’s new Bachelor, avid watcher of The Bachelor Franchise shows and senior Jude Javillo responded, “This is utter blasphemy!,” and we could not agree more. ABC, what were you thinking?

Thank you to Jude Javillo for his contribution to this article.