Black Friday: The Biggest Shopping Day Of The Year


Black Friday has always been a popular day for consumers across the country. According to many articles, the number of people who took part in the busiest shopping day of the year has increased from last year. A CNN article states that between stores and online, 3 million more individuals participated this year than in 2015. Experts also anticipate that the number of shoppers will only increase over the years.

However, many consumers have switched to shopping online. Online shopping has been beneficial to stores because they are able to reach out to people who would not necessarily come out and shop. There has been an increase in individuals who chose to shop online rather than dealing with the physical chaos in stores. According to Fortune, “A survey released by the National Retail Federation on Sunday estimated that 108.5 million Americans shopped online over the long weekend…”. Also, according to another article, “$3.34 billion: The amount of money spent online on Black Friday, setting a new record, surpassing the three-billion-dollar mark for the first time, and marking a 21.6 percent increase year-over-year. For comparison, last year’s total was $2.74 billion.” So, not only has the amount of online shopping increased but it has set a new record! Sales also started days in advance and lasted days later which helped retailers as well. 

People are trying to avoid the chaos, and their efforts to stay home have also decreased the amount of commotion associated with Black Friday in the past. There has been a significant decrease in the amount of violence and disorder on Black Friday this year compared to years past. Fortune also states, “‘Between online and the spreading out of all the deals throughout the month, we’ve seen a much more calm and civilized and very different process for shopping.’”.

With online shopping and expanding sales, stores are able to make a great profit on Black Friday the most beneficial day of the year for retailers and there seems to be not turning back.