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Chelsea Jones and Tatum McGann

Christmas joy is dead. Our favorite Harlem deer died in captivity this past Friday. The white tailed deer that made himself a resident of Jackie Robinson Park was welcomed by the community, he even earned himself the nickname of J.R. The deer spent two weeks in the big city before the government took a hold of the situation. Community officials and state officials were debating what to do with the deer, although he was not a threat to the public safety it was unclear if Jackie Robinson Park was a fit place for our furry friend to live. Possibilities varied from staying a neighborhood celebrity and remaining in Jackie Robinson Park, to being moved to a bigger natural reserve in New York State that would be more fit for a deer to live. The third and most tragic option was for J.R. to be euthanized.

Amidst the debate of what was exactly the right way to handle a wild animal in the middle of New York City, J.R. was held in captivity at East Harlem’s Animal Shelter. This free roaming deer was never before caged and it came as a shock to the nervous little guy. After being held for a day and a half the deer passed away on Friday afternoon. It’s a shame that a deer who brought nothing but joy to a community recieved death in return.

The local and state governments are constantly at odds with one another. An equal balance between the local and state governments is difficult to attain. The local, smaller governments tend to feel ignored in the bigger picture.The two governments struggle to have all voices heard and with different demographics being represented the they tend to disagree. Unfortunately their inability to compromise caused the death of an innocent deer.

Andrew Cuomo had the intentions of relocating the deer despite the fact that Mayor de Blasio believed the deer should be euthanized. The city made plans to follow the state’s Department Of Environmental Conservation standards and decided the right choice was to euthanize the deer. Yet Governor Cuomo had different ideas. Cuomo even tweeted “We want to do everything we can to save the Harlem deer. We have told the city that the feds or we can transport it upstate today.” The struggle to make a decision has left us with the death of J.R., our favorite neighborhood deer. Only through our holiday spirit and in our memories will our furry friend will live on.