Bring Homecoming To Our Home

Demi Sofocli

Who doesn’t love a dance? As the school year progresses, the big talk is always about prom. Whether it is what dresses the girls are wearing, or your promposals, it’s always news around the school.  Big dances are always something to look forward to. High School girls dream about fancy dresses and a day where they could look and feel amazing, there’s nothing more special than that. But how come Oceanside doesn’t have more of those special moments? A dance for the entire school allows more opportunities to be social with your peers and to create more memories to look back on.

Here at Oceanside High School we have a senior prom but, there is no homecoming dance. Why is that? A lot of other schools like Division Avenue High School in Levittown, Garden City, and Valley Stream South have another dance other than senior prom. Private schools such as St. Anthony’s and Sacred heart have multiple events like these.                           

Mrs. Stecklow, says, “in my school, homecoming was enormous. The homecoming dance was one of the biggest events of the school year.” Mrs. Stecklow, who went to Wootton High School, says that homecoming was a time where they all would dress up really nice and have an enormous dance. The principal, Mrs. Decarlo did not have a homecoming dance at her high, however when she taught before coming to Oceanside she recalls “Valley Stream South did have a homecoming dance, but it was very low key.” While interviewing Mrs. Decarlo she did not express any opposition and suggested that an event like this then it could happen.

An event such as homecoming would most likely fall under the umbrella of Student Activities. When the director of Student Activities was approached Mr. Turk responded “If there is interest in a dance that is something we can work towards. There needs to be interest.” Other faculty members recalled a dance to help aid the victims of an earthquake in Haiti back in 2012. That was a fundraiser put together by a club in the school. It can be done but the first thing that needs to happen is a show of interest. How will we know if everyone is interested? With Mr. Turks help, we’ve created a survey to answer this question. If you are interested in a homecoming dance fill out our survey!    


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