Bring On The Lovers, Liars and Clowns


For most, summer means relaxation or maybe even a trip abroad. For Thespian Troupe #132, summer means rehearsal. An activity that is already embedded into their bones. As school ends the preparation for The Revue begins. The selection process begins as the numbers that will be performed are chosen. When they’re not at company rehearsals, they’re creating their own group numbers and the seniors have a chance to perform duets. Hour after hour is spent in the sun, learning the choreography, lyrics and harmonies for up to twelve numbers each.

The mastermind director behind it all is the troupes’ President, Sarah Romanelli. It’s hard to find a girl more dedicated than her. She has starred in past musicals, she is in the top of her class, her schedule is loaded with APs and she found the time to choreograph four numbers to teach to the troupe. But she’s not doing it alone; Vice President Dean Klebonas and Editor John Bologna worked hard with the company to teach them four part harmonies and even creating karaokes for their numbers.


The Revue allows many troupe members to take charge and learn how to lead, with room for mistakes. Junior, Tara Podias choreographed and led her grade number as well as another dance heavy group number. Even the newly inducted sophomores get a chance to direct a few numbers. Every member of the troupe is working hard to learn the moves and hit their notes. Even when two of their sophomores traveled away to Greece, they were watching videos of the choreography and were just as good as the rest of them when returned from their travels.

The rehearsals go on from June till show date. The troupe gets time on stage every school day from the 1st till the 17th. You’ll hear the sounds of “Hamilton”, “Across The Universe” and “A Chorus Line” throughout the theatre and the surrounding hallways after school. Taps and character shoes are broken in on the familiar stage and spots are marked. Soon the show will be ready for opening night. So don’t let these students hard work go to waste. Clear your calendar for September 17th at 7:30 and make your way to the OHS auditorium to see what Thespian Troupe #132 is really made of.