California School Shooting Could Have Been Worse

Five people are left dead after a horrific shooting in Northern California on November 14. The shooter was identified as Kevin Neal. Neal killed a total of five people and injured ten, before he was shot and killed by the police.  One student was shot and is currently in critical condition. Authorities said they found the body of the gunman’s wife hidden under the floor boards of the couple’s house. Investigators say that the killing of Mr. Neal’s wife may have triggered this violent rampage. Neal, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, crashed a car through the school’s  gate and fired dozens of shots at the school, damaging windows and walls.

Rancho Tehama Elementary School,  went into an immediate lockdown at the sounds of gunfire outside. The number of deaths could have been more severe if the school did not go into an lockdown as quickly as they did. A video from the school’s security system showed the gunman walking the hallways and entering a bathroom, but seems to get angry that the classroom doors were locked. The shooter was targeting people at random. People walking on the streets, driving cars and sitting in their homes. Initially, authorities thought that Neal’s actions were not connected to any prior issues, but now that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Apparently Neal had an ongoing feud with his neighbors and had reportedly threatened them and a  child who attend the elementary school months before the attack. 

According to Gregg Cohen, the Tehama district attorney, Mr. Neal was arrested last January and charged with stabbing a neighbor and posted $160,000 bail. As part of a restraining order, Neal was prohibited from carrying firearms, however the semiautomatic weapons he used on Tuesday’s attack were made by him in his own home. The police had received past complaints by neighbors that Neil was shooting weapons at strange times of the day. Unfortunately, despite visits to his house,  traffic stops, and car searches, authorities never caught him in the act.

Investigators are still looking into this violent act to see what new  leads surface.