Calling All Nasty Women


In the concluding debate that took place in Las Vegas on October 19, Donald Trump did not fail to put on yet another fascinating show for America.While discussing the issue of raising taxes for the rich and screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-12-23-40-am-1essential reforms for the future of Social Security, Hillary was interrupted by her opponent, Donald, where he addressed her as “such a nasty woman.”  Hillary, as per usual, continued her statement, ignoring this one of the many insults driven at her throughout the course of this campaign. However, this demeaning comment has not been pushed aside or forgotten by viewers. Instead, there has been a reclamation of the word “nasty” and what it means to be a “nasty” woman of America. Apparently, Trump knows more about being a woman than women do. But what Donald Trump could have never predicted was the feminist cry that ensued in the wake of his actions, nor will he forget the nasty women who are now more powerful/empowered than ever before.

Throughout history, women have been targeted as inferior to their male counterparts and patronized solely for their existence. Hence, it screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-12-25-36-amis no surprise that Trump produces these crude, invasive, insults at ease. Unfortunately, we can also accredit Trump for one thing: getting under our skin. And while we would very much like to combat this struggle, it’s easier said than done. Time after time, women are dismissed and silenced to the point where their voices truly do become absent from where they need to be heard. White, wealthy, politicians in power have determined the fate of this country since colonist overthrow of its original native American inhabitants with eat-or-be-eaten ideology set in place from the get- go. Under the influence of Donald Trump, our nation is represented by this ideology and this ideology alone.  In other words, he doesn’t represent the people as a whole but rather the conquest of wealth by whatever means (and human sacrifices) necessary. By vocalizing his own opinions in a way that overpowers the rest, Trump implies his willingness to sacrifice the well-being/rights of American peoples that he cannot relate to. That includes his pro-life stance, which comes from a person without a uterus and a personal testament to unwanted/unsafe pregnancy; his Build-A-Wall plan from someone who was never put in the position of having to risk his life to provide a better one for his family; and his refusal to release his tax returns from a man who has never financially struggled in his entire life.

Speaking of male entitlement, it is not the first time Trump has deliberately spoken poorly about women as a means of lifting himself up and burying his inner fragility. As a result of feeling threatened by powerful (might I say, nasty) women, Trump degrades their value and screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-12-23-53-amself-worth as it is his go-to defense mechanism. The “fat,” “disgusting,” “dog,” adjectives, alongside the “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her..wherever” comment regarding FOX news reporter Megyn Kelly, might not have been enough for some supporters to prove his indecency, but Trump surely overdid himself after the ‘locker room banter’ hit the news. Even his label of “locker room talk” for something as serious as sexual assault exemplifies his misogynistic views. Somehow, amidst this atypical and distasteful campaign for the presidency, he has still garnered a very wide array of supporters in this country. However, we are catching on and posing the biggest threat of them all; bands of “nasty” women teaming up together.

So what does it really mean to be nasty anyway? First and foremost, “nasty” has it’s origins in describing something that is “foul, filthy, im_with_nasty_hillary_2016_shirt-r0385edaad3b54c1e809b73f9288273ee_k2g1v_324dirty, unclean,” or from Old French, nastre, “malicious”.  Nastre was  shortened from villenastre, which meant “infamous or bad” and was connected to the early forms of “villian.”  But if this is the true meaning behind the insult-stricken word, could Trump sincerely choose this as a suitable word to describe Hillary Clinton? A well-qualified Secretary of State who’s spent her entire life and political career dedicated to enacting change where it is so desperately needed? If so, then by all means, I guess we are nasty after all. Reclamation allows receivers of bigoted sentiments, blanket statements and name calling to empower one another by spitting these terms back out, rather than swallowing them or letting them get under the skin.

donald-trump-hillary-clinton_650x400_81476941546This reclamation of “nasty” has already served as a significant means of empowerment for women who have faced prejudices in this year’s election in particular. To embrace and embody this intended insult, into a renown compliment is truly phenomenal. Nasty women are alive and well, and ready if you couldn’t tell.



Nasty women vote.

Nasty women make history.

Nasty women can ‘Make America nasty again.’

Nasty women are with her.

Nasty women demand respect.

Nasty women are proud to be nasty.