Caribbean Braces For Maria

Connor McNally

Hurricane Maria is following in the footsteps of hurricane Jose and hurricane Irma by devastating the already destroyed Caribbean. Hurricane Maria destroyed Dominica and is churning towards Puerto Rico, which is already facing one billion dollars of damage from Irma and is now facing possibly even more  devastation from hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico braces itself once again for the unknown. Many Caribbean residents have just faced the total destruction from Hurricane Irma and have no time to prepare or nothing to salvage as they brace for Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Maria has already devastated the leeward islands of Dominica and Guadeloupe and is now turning to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Hurricane Maria is one of the fastest intensifying hurricanes on record. It strengthened from a Category 1 to a Category 5 in under 24 hours. In Guadeloupe, maximum wind speeds reached 160 mph. Forecasters say Martinique, Dominica, and Guadeloupe  could see 10 to 15 inches of rain by Thursday. Barbados is feeling the backlash of the the storm with the quick rush of water and strong winds ripping through Barbados. Hurricane Maria is showing to be potentially catastrophic to the Caribbean after hurricanes Irma and Jose. Most forecasters say hurricane Maria will stay away from Florida and the US mainland. Many business in Puerto Rico are closing having just reopened after Irma and Jose. San Juan airport is also closing down because of the approaching Hurricane. The governments of Dominica, Guadeloupe, the Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Dominican Republic city of Punta Cana are all Urging people to stay home or get to shelter quickly because of the pre-existing damage. The possibly devastating impact of Maria will be tough to watch. Winds will be of life-threatening condition and will cause dangerous debris, floods will be life threatening with some area suspected to receive as much as twenty-five inches of rain. Deadly mudslides and numerous road floodings will most likely ensue. The tragedy on these islands is only getting worse.

Some good news The French island of Martinique suffered no major damage from the storm. Maria knocked out power to about 50,000 homes, and 10,000 homes had no water. But overall, the damage assessment was “reassuring,” the French Interior Ministry said.

Continuous updates will be issued by the Caribbean and by major news networks.