Club Fair Adventures


Mr. Smith is the fearless leader of the Mathletes.

Thursday, September 14th, was OHS’s annual Club Fair. When walking through the cafeteria, your eyes and ears are bombarded by all different types of colorful posters to attract people. Club members yelling for you to come over and join, and others around you scouting the specific club they are interested in joining.

While I went around on Thursday, I saw an abundance of clubs from Habitat for Humanity, to the Mathletes. While passing by the Mathletes I ran into the adviser Mr.Smith, and asked him why he enjoys the club fair every year. “A lot of freshmen may not be aware of what clubs are available to them, so this way they can come around, and see what interested them.” I then asked him what is the best part [about Mathletes]:

“The best part [about Mathletes] is first the students, second the math, and third the cookies.” -Mr. Smith

I continued on, eyeing each poster made by the clubs, watching crowds of people signing up for clubs they were interested in. Continuing around the corner I found a club I had never seen before named ‘Young Investors Club’. This curiosity peaked my interest and I immediately headed on over. As I got closer I saw the creator of the new club, senior Aaron Aronshtein trying to get new members.  Aaron told me how he discussed with his friends ideas to help with what to do with the new club, and they discussed what needed to be done. We also talked about how he was confused after Mr. Grimes left, and felt that a lot needed to be done still with the club. One big change he intends to make to the club is to focus on a more group oriented approach; a bit more democratic, and how he wants to take everyone’s ideas into consideration.

I then proceeded on to meet with my friends and maybe sign up for a club or two myself. He exclaimed “It is very diverse and I love coming every year.” I then signed up for Interact and the Art Club. I left school feeling pleased and full of potential.

After the annual Club Fair, the head of Student Activities, Mr. Turk stated “This year’s club fair was the best attended yet. It is absolutely moving to see so many students work so passionately to improve their clubs.”