Club Spotlight: Feminist Culture Club


Feminism is not a dirty word. While many will throw around the word “feminazi” like we’re comparable to the contributors of the most horrific genocide ever recorded in world history, many loosely use the term without knowing the true meaning of the word. Feminism exists for the sole purpose of promoting fairness among the sexes. It is the radical notion that women are people too. The first and foremost way to determine if you are in fact a feminist is to ask yourself, “Do you believe men and women should be treated equal?” If you answer “yes” to this question, then you are undoubtedly a feminist.

Entering it’s third year here at OHS, Feminist Culture Club is one of the most important clubs the school has to offer. Living in a world that is not equal for all is not a world we want to live in. In Feminist Culture Club (FCC), we strive to eliminate the misconceptions of feminism and promote a safe space that is inclusive for all.  In hopes of spreading awareness and recognition, we teach and learn about intersectionality and the role it plays in shaping core feminist values.

A typical meeting for us is to first watch a Ted Talk discussing gender issues nation/world-wide. Next, we circle up and examine gender relations at large, laying all thoughts out on the table. It’s interesting to sit and listen to the perspectives of each member because once a feminist, everything and anything can be viewed in a feminist light. In other years, we have contributed to the feminist movement by sending donations to women’s shelters in Nepal, collecting clothes for the Malala Fund, attending a women’s martial arts class and a yoga class. We have created our own hashtag on Twitter (#osidesexism, after the widely-known #everydaysexism hashtag), and much more.

Even our yearly t-shirt orders serve as a small yet effective way to get the much-needed conversation going. While we have progressed a tremendous amount, there is still work to be done and FCC is just part of the bigger project to get all of us one step closer to achieving a level playing field for men and women. To learn more about feminism and the positive benefits that come with it, join us every Thursday after school!