Club Spotlight: WIC

Today on the Sounds of the Sailors we have our first club spotlight. Sounds of the Sailors asked WIC President Josena Joseph to come in and talk about one of the most well knowns clubs in the school. D Block one of the advisors to the club joined us as well and filled the Digital Journalism teacher Mr. Howley in on what exactly WIC is, how they compete on their different trips, and what else they are doing around the school as a club. The last two years the club as focused on the issue of clean water, while also looking to build a strong competition team as they participate against teams from across the country and the world. If you ever watned some insight into what exactly WIC is, hit the play button and take a listen. Thank you to Josena and D. Block for joining us for our first Club Spotlight here on Sounds of the Sailors.

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