DACA and the Dreamers

by Connor McNally

When President Barack Obama introduced the program known as DACA( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ), it allowed certain undocumented persons who came to the US as minors to stay in the country with a work permit.  Under DACA, deportation of these undocumented persons was also deferred since these persons were brought to the U.S. by their parents. Now, President Trump wants to end DACA and is calling for Congress to act

Eddie Hernandez, a passionate DACA supporter, says “ I came here when I was 14. Because of DACA, I stayed with relatives and went to school.  That  was in 2013.  Now, I’m in school. This program saved me.  We can use it to save others not to destroy dreams”.  Deporting or firing these “dreamers” (as these undocumented persons are commonly referred to) will not benefit the economy in any way. AmericanProgress.org estimates that the loss of these “dreamers” would reduce the G.D.P. by several hundred billion dollars over the next decade decade. So ending DACA will affect the US both culturally and economically.

President Donald Trump claims he is “pro-life”, yet Pope Francis says he should reconsider ending the program which allows children of undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States. The Pope and the President have tussled on similar issues regarding immigrants with the Pope saying “ Anyone who thinks they can build walls instead of bridges is not a good Christian, nor is he someone who is pro-life”.

Above all else stands an extremely important and fundamental point that is a root cause of why the reactions to the president’s DACA decision have been so visceral and have come from varying corners of the political spectrum: punishing kids for the actions of their parents is both bad policy and bad politics. With many DACA recipients worrying about their status in the US, many of them may have to return to their native countries, even though many of them have never even been to the native countries.  How can this possibly make sense?



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  1. Andrea Hiralall | September 14, 2017 at 1:29 PM |

    Agreed on all points.

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