David Cassidy Dies at 67

Teen heartthrob David Cassidy died at the age of 67 on November 21, 2017. This ’70’s singer and actor was best-known for starring in the hit sitcom The Partridge Family. According to CNN, “‘Cassidy was in critical condition and suffering from organ failure before his death Tuesday,’ [his publicist Jo-Ann] Geffen said.”

The Partridge Family Band, with Cassidy as lead singer, had several Billboard hits, including “I Think I Love You,” which reached #1 on the charts in 1970.  “…in according to his official bio, during his run on the show, membership in Cassidy’s official fan club exceeded that of Elvis Presley and The Beatles,” according to Billboard. His fans will dearly miss this singing and acting legend.

Barbara Finkelstein, devoted fan of David Cassidy and my mom, says, “He was an icon in his day. I had the pleasure of seeing him live in concert several summers ago. He will be missed and forever remembered.” Although David  Cassidy is sadly no longer with us, his music and acting legacy will live on.