Dorm Room Decorating


Summer is an exciting time. Some students have jobs, some like to enjoy a relaxing day under the sun, others travel. But there is one task common to all dorm dwelling college freshman: dorm shopping.

The task of decorating the new bare quarters that will soon be your home for the next two semesters can definitely feel like a daunting mission. Luckily, there are countless ways to incorporate your personal style into the major housing essentials; bedding and wall decor.

Simple wall decals go a long way. Perhaps all you need to start your day besides that cup of coffee, is but a mere glance at your wall. Common pick me ups can include but are certainly not limited to “no bad days” or “life is good”.

Alongside these decals a simple string of lights can add a nice touch. These can be found at Target, on Amazon, or even Bed Bath & Beyond. These lights not only soften what can sometimes be harsh room lighting, but they without a doubt will lighten the mood as well.

Just trying to decide which store to buy from is a challenge in itself. According to Society19, the top ten best bets are Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Dormify. While brick and mortar stores allow you to see your options in person, Dromify allows you to see and purchase fully decorated rooms. ModCloth, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and The Container Store are all worth checking out depending on your dorm needs.

Before this process begins, a conversation with your roommate is crucial. If one person goes for a red theme and the other green, it could be Christmas all year ‘round.

Despite the numerous decisions that need to be made, the end result should be worth the effort. This way, you can confidently call your dorm room, your home away from home.