Feminist Culture Club Celebrates Women’s History Month


This Women’s History Month, Feminist Culture Club wanted to celebrate not only the renowned women who have framed history, but the influential women in our day to day lives at OHS. From students to faculty, we would like to give credit to the spirit of feminism that lies in us all. At OHS, women do make history.

“You may have seen her marching alongside you in D.C. with her bright pink hand-knit kitten ears and her “nasty woman” t-shirt. Anyone who has had Ms. Levine as their teacher knows she’s a strong advocate for women’s rights and the LGBTQ community. For the past few years, she’s been the adviser to OHS’s Gay Straight Alliance club, which works to promote LGBTQ rights in our school. In her English classes, she’s unapologetic in expressing her pro-feminist views, and encourages her students to explore current social issues through her weekly OPED assignment. We’ve had the pleasure of being Ms. Levine’s students for two years, and she’s pushed us not only in our English studies, but in viewing our surroundings through a feminist lens.”

-Isabella and Tori

“Though my time at Oceanside High School is coming to an end, my feminist attitude in life is far from over. When I think of powerful and bold role models, I think of my ninth grade English teacher Mrs. Gilrein, as well as my Oceanside-alum sister, Maddy. It hasn’t always been easy to speak up or share my opinions, especially when they conflict with societal norms, but with guidance, I’ve grown to be someone who seeks justice, advocates for social change, and has confidence in what I do. Mrs. Gilrein has taught me the importance of being an active listener and equipped me with the wisdom to be resilient against all odds. Maddy has taught me that sisterhood is the most powerful force of all and that my voice matters. Today, mostly everything I do and believe in is rooted in feminism and I have them to thank for that.”


“Everyone at Oceanside High School knows not to mess with Ms. Wolfe. Her empowerment prominent, but not degrading. If you walked into Ms. Wolfe’s classroom, you will not only see a passionate teacher, but you will see students who are eager to learn more. She helps empower her female students and helps them become passionate about feminism. Our job at the Feminist Culture Club is to educate and inform our fellow students of the inequalities in the world; however, Wolfe inspires people to take the information gained and encourages us to act. I was always aware of the disparities in our society, but I never knew what to do to help. Ms. Wolfe has taught me multiple ways to help women in foreign countries. Whether it is lending money to different countries, sponsoring women, or even receiving daily updates on women events, I now know how to give back as only a senior in high school; and that’s all thanks to Ms. Wolfe.”


“Mrs. Grogan is an English teacher in Oceanside who is also a feminist. I look up to her. She is a smart and confident women who taught me to always believe in myself and to not be afraid. She taught me to trust myself and to always put in my best effort because it will pay off. As an LGBTQ student, having an English teacher who is a feminist is one of the greatest things. She believes in gender equality and accepts me for me. I know I’m always safe in her classroom. That is the greatest gift she could give me.”


“Reflecting on all of my years at OHS, there have been many influential women who have inspired me and continue to inspire me today. Among all of these women, one that stands out in my mind is my 10th grade English teacher Mrs. Frasca. Mrs. Frasca is one of the most intelligent and powerful women that I’ve had the privilege to be taught by. Anyone who meets Mrs. Frasca even for the first time is likely to be taken back by her well-spoken language and her outgoing character. Her confidence itself is an inspiration to all students, and she is never afraid to speak her mind.”


“I knew what feminism was prior to 9th grade, but I never understood its importance until I had Ms. Wolfe in 9th grade. She made history something more than a white man’s story: it was the story of everyone on this earth, regardless of their gender or race. She not only taught me about the past of this world, but she also changed my future for the better. Ms. Wolfe helped me get accepted into a program called Girls Leadership Worldwide that was truly transformative for me. As I get older, the life lessons she’s taught become more and more relevant. She taught me not to apologize for my opinions and not to accept the world the way it is. She has taught me that if you don’t like the way things are, you can go and change them. If you wish more women had a chance to receive a better education in less developed countries, donate money and books to these places. Ms. Wolfe has not only made a change in my life, but she has taught me how to change the world.”


“Mrs. Wolfson is a science teacher at the high school, but more than that she has taught me how to be a better, kinder, and more compassionate person and feminist. Mrs. Wolfson has repeatedly advocated for equality, and she inspires her students to do the same. In addition to teaching about science, Mrs. Wolfson provides her students with someone to model themselves after as they enter the world and begin to fight for equal rights for all.”


“Under the leadership and direction of our advisor Mrs. Boyle, we have been given the opportunity to express our thoughts and ideas in a feminist light. In hopes of creating a more equal and just world for all, Mrs. Boyle has allowed us to spark the discussions that need to be had, tell the stories that need to be shared, and fight for the rights that we deserve. She has set forth a path that encourages and empowers the club to keep moving forward regardless of what obstacles we may face. Though Mrs. Boyle has only just begun advising Feminist Culture Club, she has undoubtedly left her mark in shaping our feminist journey.”

-The officers

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  1. Hello world,

    I am quite impressed and thrilled to learn that feminism is alive and well at OHS. As a feminist myself since my early teens in the 1960s, and as “someone who seeks justice, advocates for social change, and has confidence in what I do,” I am grateful to all the teachers who are helping to build confidence and awareness in those whom they influence, like my awesome niece quoted here.

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