Fighting Through the Flames

Giana Sciremammano

More than a dozen wildfires are scorching Northern California due to the massive drought. With no rain in the upcoming seven day forecast, the wildfires are expected to continue.  October is typically when California gets its largest and most damaging wildfires.

Fires are being spread by winds at constant 50 mph and a high of 79 mph. The fires burned 20,000 acres in about 12 hours on Monday alone and in total 119,000 acres have been lit up causing death and destruction killing at least 23 people. That is the same rate as burning more than a football field  in three seconds.  As of now 285 people have been reported missing in Sonoma County.

Thousands of firefighters are trying contain 21 fires in California, even some of the firefighters have lost homes themselves. People in hospitals, homes, and hotels are being evacuated and brought to shelters. Around 35,000 people are without power throughout the state. schools canceled for the rest of the week in Napa County, and some flight cancellations at San Francisco International Airport,  partly because of smoke.

Large towns and neighborhoods have been turned to ashes. The terrible fires have been swallowing towns whole, and people are trying to conquer the flames.This could easily turn into the most severe wildfire disaster in US history.