Fraternity Hazing Death

The 19-year old Penn State student, Tim Piazza, has died after being given a minimum of 18 drinks over the course of 82 minutes at a party this past February. The deleted footage connected to the alleged hazing death from the basement camera has been recovered with help from the FBI. One of the fraternity members has been accused of deleting the video of what authorities said contained Piazza repeatedly falling down the basement stairs intoxicated during the party.

With a fractured skull and shattered spleen, authorities said that Piazza was left in the house overnight unconscious and injured even though there were fraternity brothers aware of the situation. According to, instead of calling 911, members of the fraternity stepped over his body, slapped, hit, and doused him with water. All while the unconscious 19-year old was dying suffering from head injuries and internal bleeding. It took approximately 12 hours for the brothers of the fraternity to call 911. By the time he arrived to the hospital, Tim underwent surgery, but his condition was so terrible, it was too late where the surgery couldn’t have helped. The sophomore died early the next morning. stated that Tim was twitching, vomiting, bare-chested and moving his legs while a backpack was attached to his body. After a member of the fraternity Kordel Davis arrived, approximately 28 minutes after Tim had fallen, he looked at Tim’s head and began pointing at it and arguing to his fellow Betas, according to interviews conducted by police, that they needed to call 911. A brother was then seen on the video shoving Davis across the room.

The new criminal charges which have been filed in the beginning of the month indicate that there was a minimum of two dozen students have been charged in this case. Since Tim Piazza’s death, there has been at least two other fraternity hazing deaths.