Free Roaming Freshmen; Finally A Thing Of The Past

Every day our school takes precautions to protect their students and to make a safe learning environment. Over the years OHS has added security cameras, ID checks and a security monitor in each hallway. Still, there is a large issue that comes along with each entering class. Every year, as freshmen students adjust to their new high school environment, they struggle with behaving properly. Many efforts have gone into controlling them, an example is they’re not allowed to leave the building for lunch. Administration, teachers, and security are still struggling to decide on a more advanced level of control. The first of many board meetings has occurred in the past week, newer measures are soon to be taking place in order to keep all students safe.

A few suggestions were to designate one area of the school for just 9th graders, another board member brought up the idea of removing them from high school altogether and sending them back to the elementary schools for more preparations. Perhaps creating a separate school for them to remain until they learn to shower and use their inside voices. The meeting lasted very long as the ideas bounced around the room. Because of how important this is, the decision has not yet been made, there will soon be a final meeting to declare the solution.

Image of next year’s incoming freshmen class.

A few teachers gave their statements on this issue, one who teaches primarily freshmen said ”Getting them under control is getting harder and harder each year. There are times where I just want to leave the room and see how long they last unsupervised”. Another teacher, now retired due to immense stress caused by freshmen students, said with fear in her eyes, “I just don’t know what’s wrong with them. I just hope the current teachers are safe, unlike I was”. There are a few brave souls that want to take the challenge of teaching freshmen, after asking them the tactics they use to control them, the most effective response was to get them each leashes and then attach them to different desks that are screwed into the floor. This seems to calm them, some students even prefer being leashed.

The biggest contender for the solution to this grave problem is the implementation of outdoor enclosures to hold the freshmen. They will be provided structures to climb on and large scratching posts. The exposure to the elements will instill a strength in their immune system and give them a more overall resilience. Some may think this is a bit extreme, but many of those people have not been in a classroom with 30+ freshmen. The outdoors will also give them a rustic scent that is much more pleasant and natural than Axe or PINK Body Spray. This method has worked very well with adolescent wildebeests and young hyenas. Hopefully, the enclosures will be put in place by the start of next year, getting a fresh start on containing the epidemic of terrible freshmen behavior.

April 1st Edition.

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