Game of Thrones Episode 5 Review: The Door


Last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones emotionally impacted viewers.  The full character arc of the gentle giant Hodor was revealed, and it turns out young Bran is responsible for the death the fan favorite as well as other innocent characters.

At the wall Sansa and Brienne meet with Littlefinger who swears he knew nothing of Ramsay’s ways, but Sansa cannot forgive him. He mentions that house Tully in the Riverlands is regaining an army and may be willing to serve her. Later on, when discussing with Jon about the need of troops she mentions the Tullys, but lies and says she overheard it while in Winterfell. This sheds light on Sansa as a character and how she will play the game similar to the way Littlefinger and Varys have.

Beyond the wall Bran continues to learn “everything” with the three eyed raven. In this pursuit of knowledge Bran learns a great deal, especially in regards to White Walkers. During his first vision of the episode he sees children of the forest trapping a man. They proceed to shove dragonglass into his heart. This results in the formation of the first White Walker, a weapon engineered by the children in order to help them fight against the first men. Although the children hoped the White Walkers would fight for them against the first men, the children were unable to control this weapon they created.


In Braavos, Arya is continuing on her journey to become No One. Here she is given a quest to kill an actress portraying Cersei in a play. Arya assumes that the younger actress is paying for this assassination because she’s jealous of the older actress. This questioning of Jaqen H’ghar is what continues to impede Arya’s quest. Arya will be unable to become No One until she completely parts ways with Needle, which she will be unable to do since it’s her only connection to her family.

On the Iron Islands the kingsmoot has happened. What first looked as promising for Yara with her support from Theon turns into a dismal event as Euron arrives and steals the show. Yara and Theon escape with some noble ironborn, as they knew their uncle would be out to murder them once he won. Yara and Theon will travel to Essos in attempt to meet with Daenerys before Euron is able to.

As Bran is trying to fall asleep inside the weirwood tree, but is unable to and curiously enters a green dream instead. The scene is similar to one earlier where he witnesses the creation of the White Walkers, however there is snow everywhere and he is surrounded by wights. He passes through the crowd of wights and is grabbed by the Night’s King. This contact allows the Night’s King to track down Bran and gives him the ability to surpass the magical shield of the weirwood tree. All of these events lead to the death of both Summer, Bran’s direwolf, and Hodor, a companion to Bran that was more than just a friend. Since Bran’s tainted arm erased the magic of the weirwood tree, he’ll head south and inadvertently lead to the collapse of the wall.

The events in this episode seem to be leading to further development in various conflicts brewing throughout the world. In the north Sansa will attempt to unite an army against the Boltons in order to regain stark control of the north. For Yara and Theon, the two will take Euron’s plan to travel to Essos and make an offer to Daenerys. Arya will continue her training, but in the end will be unable to become a true faceless man. Bran will begin to head south, possibly meeting his lost Uncle Benjen, but also possibly heading beyond the wall to create a safe passage for the Night’s King.