Get to Know Your Junior and Senior Student Government Candidates

OHS Student Government elections are this week.  Here’s a look at some of the Junior and Senior candidates.

Austin Verdejo – G.O. President


I’ve proudly been able to help put together the HashtagLunchbag projects, be a judge for Battle of the Bands, dance in Battle, and do more.

But now I would like to take it a step further and help more as G.O President.  I want to get more school involved fundraisers as big as the Turkey Shoot to both raise money for a good cause, and to bring our school closer together.

I plan to give a visible change to students that everyone hopes for but never sees, and listen to their ideas and put them into action when possible.

Amber Duckworth – G.O. President


My name is Amber Duckworth. I’m running for G.O. President. I’ve helped prepare for the first O-Thon hosted by the Cancer Awareness Club. For Battle of Classes we could do more things similar to Spirit Week at the Middle School such as, we can have each grade separately go to the Gym and participate in small competition events like Crafting and Dancing. It would be events everyone would enjoy doing. Not everyone does Battle of Classes and it would get more people involved with Battle. My goals are to have more students become active in events with the School.

Samantha Girschick- G.O. President


As this is my 3rd year at OHS, I’ve participated in so many activities and events I can’t even keep track. Some include Sportsnight, Battle of the Classes(Dance Captain now for two years), the Road show, lacrosse, Natural Helpers, Best Buddies, and of course Student Council. This year I have headed the 2nd annual “Students Against Drunk Driving” petition and made the kickball fundraiser happening on May 21st. Next year I plan to make more community based fundraisers where we can send the immediate relief needed to those affected right in our own community. I also want to make a color run and plan on heading my new club that hopefully is approved for next year called “Future Physicians”. I want to make OHS a place based on community and charity and as G.O. President for the school year 2016-17, I plan on making this become a reality.
Claudia Reese – G.O. Secretary

Although I have never held a position in the student government, I have participated in sales with Art Honor Society. They have been very successful throughout the year, especially the plant sale on Earth Day. If I am elected, I want to contribute ideas that will create more events or enhance old ones for the enjoyment of students and staff. Perhaps the creation of a social media account or webpage with polls on potential ideas for future events would make students more motivated. As G.O. Secretary, I hope to get more involved for both myself and my peers.

Justin Chookasezian – GO Vice President


“You can’t laugh and be afraid at the same time. If you’re laughing I defy you to be afraid.” This Stephen Colbert quote has always stuck with me since I first stepped through the doors of OHS freshman year and continues to motivate me to this day. My goal whenever I’m in class or with friends has always been to make everyone’s day as enjoyable as possible. While I’m sure that the students are always top priority to every class or GO officer, I have always had a habit of putting others before myself and with stakes as high as representing the entire student body, it would be my goal as the next GO Vice President to make next year one of the most memorable times to every student and teacher in the building. I have a few ideas for fundraisers such as having an end of the year lemonade sale like how every kid used to do and I hope to legitimize the school youtube channel and propose the idea of sticking to a routine schedule for the broadcasting team every week just like every other news station so those who look forward to what the students have to post know what to expect. Many students and teachers have asked me what I exactly mean with my hashtag #ChookChook. The goal of my whole campaign and what I hope to accomplish as GO Vice President is to keep an endless flow of joy and excitement throughout the school everyone what it feels like to be a kid until we all eventually leave to start our lives. While we can’t change classes or school policies, we can make this place our own. That’s what the Chook Chook train represents. And as long as it has your backs, it’s never losing steam.


Michael Pocress – G.O. Treasurer


Throughout my years at OHS I have actively participated in events such as the Turkey Shoot, Homecoming, the Art Festival, and Battle of the Classes. Participating in these events has shown me the diversity and the joy OHS has to offer. I believe that active participation in the school community is a distinctive quality that should embody any potential candidate. On my own behalf, I helped coordinate different community service projects with schools club such as Key Club and Chess Club. Furthermore, I have previous experience with this position. During my freshman year, I was class treasurer. I believe that this previous position of mine has laid the foundation for the experience and leadership a treasurer needs. Knowing the fiscal responsibilities and duties that go along with G.O. treasurer, I would like to introduce new activities to OHS. These activities include more food drives to donate to local charities, field trips to local community centers to help those in need, more academic support to those who are struggling with school subjects, and while we are it, perhaps better school lunches! My political platform it simple: “Advocating for all students, large or small, regardless of who you are”. Once I know that OHS is as fun for every student as it is for me, then I will know I have done my job successfully as G.O. treasurer.


Mia Restrepo – Senior President


If you’re anything like me, then you’re ecstatic for our last year at Oceanside High School! As Senior Class President, I’m eager to make our last year together one we will never forget. As seniors, there are many class trips and activities dedicated just for us, and I have ideas to expand the trips currently running. Additionally, I will represent the art and music students by decorating our school in artwork and live music. My goals include: completing the rows of photographs lined up above the classroom doors and bringing back student musician performances to the main lobby.

Amanda Henry  – Senior Vice President


As a OHS student, I have been very active in sports and student activities including varsity volleyball and badminton, Sport Night, Battle of the Classes and Cancer Awareness Club. It’s important to spend my last year at OHS helping students and improving the school. I want to help student organizations that are in need of improvements and to be a voice for their requests. I am very interested in looking for ways to get more students involved in school activities and have more school spirit. For example, I plan to be a big part of creating senior apparel. By creating apparel and bringing the school together, the whole grade can be united at school events and as a class in general. I want to help the seniors make their last year their best year, and I think I can help do that.


Jeremy Stein – Senior Secretary


I have not participated in many events; however I did participate in the lunch bag project with Habitat for Humanity and helped organize/run the SADD drunk and distracted driving event this past year. I also helped with all-county ushering in Tri-M. I plan to participate in many more next year before I leave for college. I believe we should have more fundraising events so that kids do not have to pay for things such as Tri-M and National Honor Society in order to be inducted. I believe that a junior prom could also prove to be beneficial to the school. As of now I don’t have any particular goals but I want to provide seniors with a memorable high school experience for their last years at OHS

Andrew Carlins – Senior Treasurer


Andrew Carlins is running for senior class treasurer. He is currently the junior class treasurer and is running for reelection. As a member of WiC, Law Club, DECA, Thespians, and the varsity tennis team, Andrew feels that he can adequately represent the students in his grade at student council. Andrew also is taking BC Calculus this year and therefore feels that he will be able to handle the arithmetic involved with this position.  Andrew wishes other candidates Good luck, and hopes that the most qualified candidates get elected.

Rachel Esposito –  Senior Class Secretary


Upon entering my senior year at OHS, I feel there’s no better way to get involved than by joining student government. At OHS, I’ve been a proud member of the Thespian Society, Swing Choir, Cancer Awareness Club, Best Buddies, Model Congress, Patriot’s Club, Tri-M, and recently, NHS and WLHS. I’ve held leadership roles such as Junior Captain in Sportnight and Head Captain for Battle. I’ve also helped plan the Homecoming parade and O-Thon. I’m running because I think I deserve to have a say in the decisions affecting the outcome of the school year. If elected, I will offer my assistance whenever needed and work alongside the other officers to create more enjoyable/memorable school-wide events.

Dario Garone – Senior Vice President


Throughout my high school career I have participated avidly in many events, including events through the volunteering program key club. Being the secretary of this club has provided me with the leadership, responsibility and commitment necessary to take on the challenge and honor of the position of senior class vice president. I hope to promote and continue the legacy of past  ohs class officers and I look foward to implementing additional activities and events for the school that benefit not only the school but the community as well while also making ohs a fun and exciting place to learn.


Martina D’Angelo – Junior President


I am running for the position of senior class president for the upcoming school year. As the junior class president I know the responsibility of class president is a challenge. I’m well fit for the job because I like to engage and communicate with all different types of people, opening my eyes to many different perspectives and opportunities. For this position good relationships with fellow students are necessary, especially in such a big school like ours. I am also capable of commitment and have the best in mind for our class our senior year. I am ready and excited to hopefully once again have the opportunity to improve our school.