Get to Know Your Sophomore Student Government Candidates

Student Government elections start next week at OHS.  Here’s a look at some of the sophomore candidates…


Thanae Stoupas – Sophomore Class Treasurer Candidate


I am hoping to run for Sophomore Class Treasurer for the year 2016-2017. I have participated in many school activities including school musicals and volunteering opportunities. I hope next year to be heavily involved in Battle of the Classes and help our sophomore year be the best it can be. I wish to make Oceanside High School a welcoming and fun environment for every student and I want every student to be involved in many activities after school. I hope that everybody’s high school experience is the best it can be and I think that I can help make this possible. Please vote for me to represent Oceanside High School as your sophomore class treasurer.

Olivia Degan – Sophomore Class Treasurer Candidate


My name is Olivia Degen, and I am running for next year’s sophomore treasurer. In the past, I have participated in various events and activities, especially extracurricular activities. In the future, I believe that some activities which should be offered are quarterly meetings where student council officers can meet with students who have ideas for events, and if an idea requires approval from the administration, an officer should be able to meet with someone, such as the principal, to discuss the idea further. My primary goals for OHS in general are to be sure that all students’ voices are heard equally and that, as a grade, we can leave high school generally knowing that we made the best of it. I am running for office due to the fact that I believe I could help the Class of 2019 achieve these goals. Good luck to all who are running, and vote for Olivia Degen for Sophomore Treasurer!

Elly Colon – Sophomore Vice President Candidate


I would like to run for Vice President because I believe that it would provide me with a new experience and teach me lessons that I could apply to my everyday life. Currently, I have participated in many extracurricular activities including WiC, Ethics Bowl, and Winter Track. If elected, I would put more of a focus on the concept of strengths and weaknesses and make sure that there is more guidance in ways of learning in untraditional ways to give every student a fair chance at success. This would lead to a chain reaction through improvements in mental health and test scores of students to higher ratings and more economic benefits for the school to help fund activities requested or proposed by students, bettering the Oceanside community as a whole.


Tiffany Chou – Sophomore Vice President Candidate

I believe I have many qualities that make me a great candidate for sophomore Vice President, and have many ideas that would help improve the school and make our sophomore year the best it can be.

During my short time at OHS, I have joined many clubs such as WiC, Best Buddies, and Robotics, as well as being involved with the thespians.My participation in these clubs has allowed me to make many new friends and learn time management. I am concertmistress of orchestra, which allows me to take on a leadership role within my class.

If elected Sophomore Vice President, I will help to organize fundraisers, school cleaning initiatives, and creation of a sophomore edmodo group so that everyone can communicate with each other about all school events taking place, like Battle and Sport Night.

I believe that I am more than qualified to run for class officer, and that my motivation to make a difference in this school will help us to have the best Sophomore year posasible. Vote Tiffany Chou for Sophomore Vice President!

Spencer Jurgielewicz – Sophomore President Candidate


I Spencer Jurgielewicz am running for 2017 Sophomore Class President. I feel I can help better our grade . With my knowledge of History, Economics, Politics, Writing, and Public Speaking I would be able to help our grade deal with different problems we face. I could help think up, create and attend fundraisers, sporting events,ect. that would be enjoyable. Why not some sort of Comedy night ? Or why not have a bad movie night ? As president I would make only one promise, to try to help our grade the best I can. That’s why I would love to be president.

Devang Patel – Sophomore President Candidate


My name is Devang Patel and I am running for sophomore class president. As treasurer of ninth grade, I have attended all activities possible, such as Back to School night and Homecoming. I believe the activities being offered at OHS are sufficient, but not good enough. As president, I would listen to all suggestions, and strive to make those suggestions a reality. I aspire to make OHS a school that’s suited to all, making school feel like a second home. I am running for office to make OHS a more positive learning environment, leading the school in achieving great goals.