Getting Our Feet Wet: Oceanside Boys’ Swim Team


Somehow in a town named Oceanside, there has never been a boys’ swim team. The girls’ swim team here has been very competitive and successful, so it only seems logical that we would have a boys’ team as well, but it never had the traction it needed to get started. Until now, that is.

This year marks the first ever swim season for Oceanside with a boys team, led by Coach Madden and team captain Kyle Scheinberg. Kyle has been great, and was one of the students that took it upon himself to push the school to start the team. His assumed role as team leader has been key to keeping our locker room close and motivating his teammates. Coach Madden has been great in getting the team up and running, and is always available in the guidance offices to help. He runs organized and efficient practices despite our limited schedule, and the team is really shaping up.

Not many people have experience swimming so they often shy away from joining swim team. It can seem intimidating, but while there are some talented swimmers, a lot of the team has never been on a swim team before. The swimmers that have competed before serve to really teach newcomers how to improve, so there’s opportunity for everyone to get better no matter their skill level. We learn and succeed together as a team.

Although it is not as widely acknowledged as our other school sports, this year is our chance to build and pioneer the team. The team currently has about fifteen members and new members are always welcome. We meet for practice at the Oceanside JCC Monday through Friday at 5:30 am. That may seem early, but getting in the water in the morning really wakes you up for the rest of the school day, so you don’t have to worry about being drowsy and unfocused in class. Once you get into the routine it is really worthwhile. Swimming is also a great way to stay healthy and get in shape, and the motivation stemming from being part of a team makes it easy to enjoy at the same time.

If you like competition, you’ll love the swim meets. The excitement is palpable and it starts December 13th, the day Oceanside Boys Swim will officially begin to compete. It is exciting because the members of the team are starting something together and have a real chance to make a name for our team and lay the groundwork for the athletes who come after. There’s still time to join and become a part of the beginning, and the more members we have to do it with, the better we can be.