Softball Defends County Title


Oceanside girls’ softball excitedly prepares for, what they hope to be, another terrific season.  Last year the girls took home a county title against MacArthur High School. The two teams battled it out in a three game series to see who would be crowned county champion.

The team started out this season without the McNamara twins and Brittany Teman, all of whom were starters on the team for most of their softball careers. Head Coach, Mr. Supple, says “It will take some time adjusting to, but once they start, the girls will warm up to it.”

He also says that the team’s main focus this year is to improve on things that weren’t working in the LIC, so this time the team goes further. “We have to take each day one at a time and improve each and every day until we reach our goal.”


As a coach, Supple feels that having a family atmosphere will make for great success by the end of the season. He feels the girls have to get along off the field as well in order to work together on the field.

Sophomore, Katie Coffey, says “We are working hard to be the best teammates we can be whether it’s on or off the field.”  This year Coach Supple is really stressing the importance of teamwork, for it will only bring out positive results because they have each other’s support. She also says “We are all working towards the same goal, and that’s to achieve the best for O- softball.”

The Oceanside softball community and the high school are hoping for another fun ride this season as the team works to repeat and go even further.