Habitat for Humanity Makes a Difference


On Monday, April 11th, Oceanside’s very own Habitat for Humanity made a difference in the community. The students of OHS dedicated all their time and effort to packing a total of 420 lunches for the Long Beach Soup Kitchen!

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#HashtagLunchbag is a humanitarian movement committed to encouraging people to do good for the benefit of others. According to the #HashtagLunchbag crew, their goal is “to create and use bagged lunches, complete with love messages, as a vessel to spread love and share our experiences to inspire others.” In an attempt to recreate this act of giving and get the Oceanside community involved in such a heart-warming project, Habitat for Humanity members gathered together in an assembly line format, filling paper bags with a complete meal including sandwiches, applesauce, chips, and cookies. With a little help from the Oceanside elementary schools, children donated hand-written cards to the club inscribed with inspiring messages and drawings. These notes served as a personal gesture to reach out and embolden strength in those who are struggling.

One lunch means the world for people on the receiving end. The process of making these lunches and then shipping them off to someone in need is an indescribable feeling. The entire operation brought together a wonderful collection of caring students who genuinely felt for the cause and those in need. It’s truly incredible to see the whole event fall into place and make a difference for anyone and everyone involved.  Sam Cohen, Treasurer of Habitat for Humanity sums it up best: “We’re not happy people when we’re hungry, so let’s get together to ease the hunger.”

This event would not have been possible without the help from Oceanside’s Mr. Transom, Ms. Blackburn, Mrs. Nappi, the students, and the custodial staff. To the helping hands towards a great cause, Oceanside thanks you. #HashtagLunchbag certainly instilled a rewarding feeling that hopefully encourages all of humanity to give to others out of love and compassion.