New York City is the place where people from all around the world show off their talents that they have been working on for their entire lives. This past weekend, my family and I visited New York City to see the musical “Hamilton,” which is a truly amazing show. It is a modern take on the American Revolution from Alexander Hamilton’s point of view where there were no lines, just people singing, rapping, and dancing.

It had many historical facts and life changing messages that continue to be enforced throughout the entire play, like when Alexander says “Who will remember your story” or to “not throw away your shot.” It was truly an inspiration seeing Alexander start as a poor man with no family and work his way up from the bottom to be a successful politician and lend a big hand in the American Revolution.

It allowed us to bring a spotlight to some characters that receive no recognition in the development and fighting in the American Revolution and the buildup to the person who killed Hamilton, Aaron Burr. I believe that this play is so popular because there is beautiful live music played under the stage and strong voices that mesmerize the crowd. The show also gave my family and I an insight into the more unknown drama behind these historical characters, like how Alexander Hamilton cheated on his wife with her two sisters and had to come out to the world about his adultery to save his reputation as Treasurer. It also shows that the death of his own son was Hamilton’s fault for encouraging him to participate in a duel. I recommend this play to teenagers and those older because having background knowledge on the American Revolution made the play easier to understand and easier to follow the story line. The show had some profanity, so it would be better suited for a more mature audience. However, overall the play was enjoyable and educational.