Hidden Heroes: Ms. Sartory


We all know the importance of some faculty members. For instance, without a principal, associate principals, and deans, the school would not function efficiently. However, there are some adults in the school district whose jobs are as, if not more important than, the aforementioned ones. This column will highlight various “hidden heroes of OHS,” giving them a much deserved spotlight. This edition’s Hidden Hero features none other than Ms. Christine Sartory, Library Media Specialist at OHS.

During the school day, Ms. Sartory is in the library making sure everything runs smoothly. She explains how the library is a place where students come “to do work, to socialize, and to tap into all of the resources we have here in the library.” Ms. Sartory’s role at the library goes beyond ensuring that everything is in order.  She makes herself available, at any given time, for students to ask questions and believes that she has a responsibility to the student body to “point them in the right direction so that they find and learn what they need.” She further explains how some students’ “thirst for knowledge” makes her job “gratifying and exciting” because she never knows what a student will need when they ask for help. Mrs. Sartory stated, “I couldn’t love what I do more” because of how great it makes her feel to help her students.

Mrs. Sartory’s heroism does not stop with her role as a librarian. She was also the adviser for Key Club for a number of years, ensuring that the multiple community service events that Key Club participates in operated smoothly. Although she has passed down the adviser-torch to other faculty members, she keeps in touch with the new advisers because of her commitment to community service. Mrs. Sartory explains that “although Oceanside is not [her] hometown, she feels like it is because of the students here.” During the holiday season, Mrs. Sartory participates in the gift wrapping at the Kindergarten Center in order to give back to the Oceanside community.

Mrs. Sartory also gives great advice, as I can personally attest to. She hopes all students “find what they love to do and do it, and perhaps even make a job out of it.”  Mrs. Sartory reminds people to “try to laugh as much as you can. If you put a smile on your face, even when you are not happy, it will come.”  That’s some really great advice from an amazing person!

Finally, during the interview, Ms. Sartory made it clear how outstanding the other library staff members are. She thanks them for all of their help in ensuring the library and technology in the school run smoothly on a daily basis.

Thank you Ms. Sartory for agreeing to be interviewed for the article!

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  1. I just would like to say that Andrew Carolins is now my favorite person in the world. Thank you for honoring me with this article, and it’s so beautifully written.

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