How To Survive Freshman Year

Freshman year of high school can definitely be overwhelming. Going to a new school with new teachers, new classes, and having A WHOLE LOT more homework than you have ever imagined is quite the challenge. However, if you ask any upperclassman, he/she will tell you that you learn with time how to manage ninth grade. So, here are some tips and tricks that I have picked up these past three years at OHS that will hopefully help you to survive freshman year of high school.

1. When In Doubt, Go To The Resource Center

The Resource Center is your one-stop shop for your core academic classes. The center is home to the English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Foreign Language Departments. You can also find the Science Resource Center upstairs in the North Wing. If you are unable to meet with your teacher for extra help, you can receive help from a teacher on duty in the Resource Center (a teacher is on duty every period in each subject center). While you may have already heard about the benefits the Resource Center offers in the video during Freshman Orientation, I believe it still deserves a spot on this list because in my experience, it has proven to be EXTREMELY helpful. Teachers will go in depth on what you need assistance with as if it were an extra help session. In the past, teachers have aided me by helping me revise my essays, going over topics that I had confusion on, and showing me step-by-step how to solve problems that I had found to be challenging. The Resource Center also serves as a quiet place to get work done (they have textbooks in every subject center as well) during an off period – and what’s great is that if while you are doing your work, a question pops up, you can receive help right then and there. For these reasons, the Resource Center receives a shout out on this list, and rightfully so.

2. Beware Of The Club Fair

OHS is the home of a ton of clubs…as well as a ton of students. Although the Club Fair, mainly caters to underclassmen in order to spread the word about the school’s clubs and attract new club members, plenty of seniors still attend this event because it is so resourceful and makes it so convenient to learn about clubs one might be interested in joining. So, without a doubt, the Club Fair, which will be taking place Thursday, September 14th in the cafeteria immediately after school, is a must that a student would be remiss if he/she were to miss out. However, because the Club Fair is so popular, it is also very hectic and crowded. My advice is to wear lightweight clothing and don’t forget to bring a water bottle! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

3. Beat The Heat

Towards the beginning and end of the school year, temperatures in the classroom can get monstrously high. And if you are not lucky enough to be in an air-conditioned room, it is especially important to hydrate. Although water fountains are located throughout the school’s hallways, the holy grail of water fountains is found in the Main Office. The water from this fountain is freezing cold, but no one is complaining.

4. The Resource Center Makes The List Again

Teachers are not the only resource in the Resource Center. Each subject center houses a few computers and a printer. However, the computers in the Resource Center are not just any old computers. They are the FASTEST computers in the school. This might be the most important advice I give on this list, so if you weren’t paying attention before, make sure you are for this. If you are in a rush to print out an assignment, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT waste your time on a computer in the library – use a computer in the Resource Center!

5. Work It Out

For me, personally, the amount of homework given out in high school was the biggest adjustment from middle school to high school. I never knew I could hate an acronym until I learned what an “RTN” was. Unfortunately, I have no shortcut for this one. Still, time management is key in high school, and for that matter life. So, it is good that you are getting a sneak peak at the real world now because we have so many resources to seek help from at OHS. And if you haven’t realized already, the theme of this list is resources. So if you want to survive freshman year, make sure to take advantage of them!

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