Human Relations Day

This past Wednesday (April 5th), OHS hosted its annual Human Relations Day. On Human Relations Day, the school day routine transforms from teachers’ lessons to speakers’ stories. Each class period presentations were offered about topics that ranged from war accounts to drug addictions to disability struggles to charity work. This year OHS featured over eighty speakers! Additionally, school government officers and the Cancer Awareness Club provided the entire school with an assembly about Relay for Life, which is a fundraiser OHS will be participating in on June 3rd to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Human Relations Day allows both students’ and teachers’ to hear peoples’ perspectives. Each year this day exposes students to experiences that they would not normally get to hear. Sophomore Olivia Hagan described how this day allows students to “focus on why we are here and how we are going to interact with the world.” What students do after these presentations is in their hands, but the hope and goal is that what was shared and learned today will give students the opportunity to reflect on their own lives and enrich their time here at Oceanside High School.

To learn more about what students were exposed to during Human Relations Day, check out this article on presenter Danielle Gletow and One Simple Wish.



Thank you to Mrs. Trongard and Mr. Dwyer for organizing this year’s Human Relations Day and to Olivia Hagan for her contribution to this article.