Humans of Oceanside: Sara Murphy


I’ve been helping kids and adults with special needs since 6th grade.  Since then, I have started volunteering at camp Anchor and am now vice president of Best Buddies. The most rewarding part to me is seeing how much a friendship can impact their lives and knowing that something that you love to do makes such a difference in someone’s life. This has become such a huge part of my life because the people I have met while volunteering have had such an impact on who I am by helping me become more compassionate and selfless as a person.

I want to become an occupational therapist when I get older to help children with special needs  become more independent.  This has definitely been inspired by working with the kids and adults I have met at Anchor. My life would be so different without helping these people because I wouldn’t have such an open mind about people I meet on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t have the compassion that I have now.  I have become more open minded and less judgmental because the children that I work with are such incredible people.