It’s Lit


It feels like just yesterday when I heard the word “lit” for the first time and fell in love. If you’re not in high school, you’re probably wondering what this means.

The word “lit” is used in so many different ways. It can mean to have fun. You can describe a song as “lit”. A pair of shoes, a really good burrito, an enthusiastic person, a book, a TV show, a picture, a fireplace, and even a dog can be described as “lit”.Yes, sometimes people do use it to describe themselves as under the influence, but it has become much more then that. “Lit” has a much deeper meaning now. That’s what happens with a lot of slang words. The word can start off as  meaning one thing but then evolve to mean something totally different.

That’s the beauty of slang. There are a million ways to say one thing. When you use slang, you’re not only saying it, you’re meaning it. I think it’s the best way to get your point across and sound cool doing it.

Let’s say your mom just tells you that your family is going to the Bahamas for spring break. The first thing you can tell your friends is, “I’m so excited.” But do you really wanna resort to this boring, cliched term of expression? Instead you can say, ”I’m hella’ excited”, “I’m mad excited”, “I’m stoked”,  “I’m boutta’ be so lit”, or “I’m yeetin’ 2 the bahamas real quick.”  Doesn’t that just sound hella’ groovy verses a plane old “I’m excited?”

Forget family. What about friends? You are talking to some kid in school, maybe someone you’re tryna’ impress, someone you’re finna’ make your boo, or even someone you just wanna’ sound cool to. You are tryna’ tell em’ about your group of friends. You can, of course, just call your friends “my group of friends.” But that is soooo proper, it’s dreadful. The obvious choice, the “lit” choice, would be to call your friends “my squad”,“my gang”,“my boys”,“my fam”, or even “my boos.” I even started calling my friends “my noodles” and “my OG’s”.

Slang can also be useful when discussing fashion. If someone is wearing a nice outfit and they look very fashionable, you can be boring and say “I like your outfit.” That is LITERALLY such a mom thing to say, though. Like, you sound old and traditional, and not “lit”at all. The slang way to say it, the cool way to say it, the in way to say it would be to say “Wow girl, u stylin!”, or “Oh, that shirt: fire; those shoes: too lit”. Be honest with yourself, would you rather hear your friend say “nice outfit today” or “damn boo, you look bomb as hell!”?

I’ve become so accustomed to slang terms that sometimes I forget they’re improper or “not real” words. They have taken over my vocabulary. Honestly thinking about it, I even consider slang words addicting. Our language, legit, moves so fast. There are different words used in different contexts everywhere you go. I had never heard the word “lavish” used as slang before I talked to my friend from Queens. He used it to describe something that’s rich and luxurious. My friends from Rockville Centre kept describing each other as “feens”. I didn’t know what this meant. Then my friends explained that it meant someone was “feening”; they desired something.

It’s actually pretty cool. I learn new slang words everyday. Old words are even being recycled from older generations. I use the word “groovy” everyday, and that word is hella’ old!