Key Club Comedy Night

Do you like comedy? Then you should check out the Comedy Night, this Thursday, November 2nd. Hosted by the Key Club, it will be held in the OHS auditorium at 7:30pm. To make things easier for parents to attend there will be free babysitting available for children grades K-6.

The event will premiere three stand out comedians from New York City, such as Jessica Kirson, Sean Donnelley, and Lenny Marcus. These comedians have been on Letterman, Leno, Conan, and Comedy Central. No matter the person on the stage, it is no doubt that they will have the talent to bring any crowd together. 

The goal of the fundrasier is so that the club members can attend the Leadership Training Conference. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to network and learn about new community service opportunities. The one drawback is the expense of the trip, that is what makes the fundraiser important to the club.

The event is for students and parents alike (providing students are old enough) and faculty as well. An opportunity for people to come together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. These comedians are top notch performers with years of experience. The chance to see them right here is Oceanside is something to take advantage of. The acts are entertaining but definitely mature, which is something to consider when attending. It should not be over the top, the point is to entertain, not offend.

It seems that if the students don’t raise enough, then they won’t be able to experience an amazing opportunity to grow. This surely seems like an important event, seeing how there are such amazing people coming in to show their talent. This event is for everyone, so grab who you can and be sure to make it on Thursday. It may be your only chance to see such talent in Oceanside, and fund a great opportunity for students. The tickets are on sale for $20 each, but will increase to $25 the day of the performance so be sure to purchase ahead of time.