La Revue de Chat Noir


If you are into the aesthetically pleasing pictures on Pinterest or Tumblr, a great place to grab some brunch or a cup of tea with friends is Chat Noir located in Rockville Centre. This is a French-styled restaurant, but also serves other cuisine, such as sandwiches, hummus and pita bread. Chat Noir is open from morning to night, so you can dine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The restaurant has different sections on the menu for each meal.  An eggs benedict crepe makes for tasty breakfast, turkey ranch waldorf salad is a delectable lunch, and the shepherd’s pie makes for a hearty dinner.

img_1841Chat Noir has so many types of tea, they need their own menu. From coconut truffle tea to carrot cake tea, you are sure to find a favorite. For dessert, the options vary from acai bowls to yogurt and fresh fruit  or even blueberry waffles. The portions of the menu items are generous and great to share. We would recommend for lunch or dinner the fish and chips, and for dessert: the scones.

Along with the food, the aesthetic and design of the restaurant resembles what you would expect a restaurant in France to look like. It has an intimate cozy feel, incorporated with floral decoration and French architecture. Another highlight of the restaurant is the service. It is quick and our waitress was very friendly and helpful. Also, the restaurant can hold functions for any special occasion, like birthdays and other celebrations. If you want to try something new, this is a must!