Mascot Stays and All is Well

The Sailor is not retiring, we will not be called The Shrimps. There will not be any music played between classes; especially Kanye.

After reading the articles it did not occur to every reader that it was in fact April Fool’s Day. The articles did not reveal themselves as jokes and some misinterpretations occurred.  This is understandable as some students, especially underclassman, either did not get the joke or have no sense of humor.  One student complained “Is April Fool’s like an old person thing? Like Facebook?”

Apparently here in Oceanside people are fond of their mascot ‘The Sailor” and wish to retain this identity. Some students were quite outraged and threatened to move. At this point no new home listings in the area have been linked to the fake news articles. Although there is still hope some of those students will move.

Shockingly some students did not know about April Fool’s Day, or that it was April, or even 2016.  A few even contemplated what type of day it was such as an anonymous sophomore who asked “If April Fool’s Day is even a thing, like why are we even in school? I think that’s unfair! It’s sorta like persecution, right?” The student quickly calmed down when informed that there would be no school on April Fool’s Day next year, Saturday April 1st.