Meet the OHS Junior Student Government Candidates

Below are the OHS junior student government candidates.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th.

Junior President

Jessie Goldstein

My name is Jessie Goldstein and I am running for Junior class president. I have been in student government for two years, and believe that I am qualified for this position. I have demonstrated leadership at OHS, as art captain of battle for two years, as a captain of JV Cheer, as an officer of best buddies, and as a participant in sports night, pep rally, O-Thon, battle of the classes, and battle of the bands (as a judge). I have helped organize many school events, and understand how student government works and how to work with school administrators. As president, I would like to host Oceanside’s first color run for cancer, a fundraiser I came up with freshman year and have been working towards for the last two years. I would also like the cafeteria to add a salad bar to the boar’s head stand. I believe that both of these goals could be achieved with the support of my peers, and hard work that I am 100% willing to put into this position.


Parker Jervis

My name is Parker Jervis. I’m an athlete, scholar, musician, and artist. I was an all-division wrestler this year, taking 3rd at my qualifier. I’m also a member of the world interest club and have been given the opportunity to diplomatically resolve conflicts. I play 4 instruments and I attended level 6 NYSSMA for piano. My hobbies are music and poetry. I believe I am the best candidate for the Junior Class Presidency because I am well rounded and I know what athletes, musicians, and academics are all looking for in a leader as I am one of you all.


Junior Vice President

Kristen Babel

My name is Kristen Babel and this year I’m running for junior class vice-president. So far, at OHS, I was involved in varsity swim, key club, and natural helpers. To help raise money for the swim team, I participated in bagel sales. I feel we have a large variety of activities, however we could do more school-wide fundraisers to get everyone involved. If I were elected, my goal for OHS would be to make everyone feel like they were apart of a single community and able to be involved in something that interested them. I’m running because I’d like to meet more people, become more involved in school events, and help improve our school environment.



Junior Secretary

Maggie McGarry

My name is Maggie McGarry and I am running for Junior Class Secretary. I have been a Key Club officer for the past two years as Webmaster/Editor and currently President. In addition, I hope to run for Lieutenant Governor of NYS Key Club Division 7 in the coming school year. I was inducted this year into Thespian Troupe 132 and I am excited to continue in the school’s theater program. I have volunteered with numerous organizations including the Lupus Foundation, North Shore Animal League, and Catholic Charities Homeless Veterans Project. If elected my goal would be to create more volunteer and community service opportunities for the students of OHS. Thank you and good luck to all the other candidates and remember to vote Maggie McGarry for Junior Class Secretary.


Liam Fager

My name is Liam Fager and I am running to be the secretary of your Junior class office. I decided to run this year because I’d like nothing more than to see this school become the best it can be. I believe that I’m more than qualified to help ensure that this school becomes even more of an inclusive and inviting part of the community. Currently, I am a member of the World Interest Club, Ethics Bowl, and Oceanside Tennis. All of these things alongside functions like Battle of the classes have exposed me to this school’s’ extracurricular life and have given me the chance to be a part of the wonderful community that is Oceanside High School.

Madison Kallman

Hi, my name is Madison Kallman and I’m running for next year’s junior class secretary.  I’m an active member of many clubs and sports including Ethics Bowl and lacrosse, plus a supporter of OHS’ charitable events. For the future, I hope to include more efforts to be eco-friendly as currently there are no recycling programs in place.  I would also like to extend the charity of the school into helping animals in need on a larger scale and begin clothes drives for the less fortunate. Through these initiatives, OHS can become an even more positive contributor to the community and to its students.



Elly Colon

I would like to run for Treasurer because I believe that it would provide me with an experience that would help expand my leadership skills and allow me to help provide an overall positive environment for other students. Currently, I have participated in many extracurricular activities including WiC, Ethics Bowl, and Law Club. If elected, I would encourage more participation among my peers and try to make sure that everyone has the chance to voice their opinions or be able to express their thoughts in a constructive way. This would lead to a better high school experience for many students and even more economic benefits for the school to help fund activities requested or proposed by students, bettering the Oceanside community as a whole.


Junior Treasurer

Justin Ciocoi

Hello Oceanside students, my name is Justin Ciocoi and I’m running for your Junior class treasurer. Throughout my OHS career, I’ve been an avid participant in clubs and events around the school. Through WiC, I participated in fundraising activities for charity, and I think that with the new year, there is a great opportunity for new activities, and I´d like to share some ideas. I think that creating more school wide events, as well as encouraging attendance to existing ones would be very beneficial to bettering our school. I’ve lived in Oceanside my whole life, and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to give back and make our already great school even better



Olivia Degan

My name is Olivia Degen, and I am returning to run for next year’s class treasurer. In the past, I have participated in various events and programs, especially extracurricular activities. In the future, I believe that some activities which should be offered are quarterly meetings where student council officers can meet with students who have ideas for events, and officers can also meet with teachers or administrators to develop ideas into action. My primary goals for OHS are to be sure that all students’ voices are heard equally and that, as a grade, we can leave high school generally knowing that we made the best of it. I am running for office because that I believe I could help the Class of 2019 achieve these goals, and I have ample experience with leadership roles. Good luck to all who are running, and vote for Olivia Degen for Junior Treasurer!


Junior Shared Decision

Nicholas Mauro

My name is Nick Mauro and I’m presently a sophomore. I’m currently a member of student government among other clubs and activities. I’m running for student government because of the good it does for the school and community. Over my last two years I’ve seen first hand that student government is a true force of change, helping countless people. Not only does our student government help the students and staff of our school, but it also raises money for the community of Oceanside and beyond. Student government is a unique experience for both the people in it and the ones it helps.