Meet the OHS Senior Student Government Candidates

Below are the OHS senior student government candidates.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th.

G.O. President

Julianna Risi

My name is Julianna Risi and I am running for G.O. President. I have been involved in student council, and student life, since freshman year. I have helped plan Relay for Life and have been involved in Battle of the Classes, Sport Night, O-Thon, and the Turkey Shoot. I hope to help organize more events that give back to the community. A goal I have is to have OHS become more involved in raising money for charities that need it. I want to run for class office because I love being a voice for my peers and being involved in all aspects of student life at OHS.



G.O. Vice President

Olivia Weiss

My name is Olivia Weiss and I am running for G.O. Vice President. I am running for this position because I am passionate about making OHS a better place for everyone. Some activities that I have helped plan and participated in have been O-thon in 2014 and 2015, relay for life this year, and various student government events. I have also participated in interact food drives, battle of the classes, sport night, and the turkey shoot delivery. In OHS I would like to see more activities that highlight everyones abilities in the school in order to get everyone involved. Some goals that I have for OHS are to keep all of our amazing activities and events that we have and try to make them even better. I want to run for this position because I have been involved in student government since freshmen year and earlier, and I want to help this school become an even better place.


G.O. Secretary

Joe Sammartano

My name is Joe Sammartano, and I would like to be your 2017-2018 G.O. Secretary. I have been the Shared Decision Making representative for my class for the past three years, giving input on various activities planned to take place at OHS, including the Anti-Bullying campaign which should take place early next school year. You can also see me performing in the school plays, and as a Tri-M Music Honor Society officer. I’m running for this position because I want to see OHS being active in the community, and my skills will help us achieve this.



G.O. Treasurer

Devang Patel

My name is Devang Patel and I am running for GO Treasurer. As treasurer of the ninth grade, I attended all activities possible, such as Back to School night and Homecoming, while handling all monetary transactions. This past year, I was sophomore class president, which taught me what its like to be a real leader, something that any GO position requires. I aspire to make OHS a school that’s suited to all, making school feel like a second home. I am running for office to make OHS a more positive learning environment, leading the school in achieving great goals.



Senior President

Martina D’Angelo

Hi, i’m Martina D’Angelo and I’m running for Senior class president in the upcoming school year. So far in my three years at OHS I’ve been a part of many clubs and sports such as student government, best buddies, track, and softball. Aside from my contributions and involvement in OHS I also volunteer for the Oceanside community and I understand and am willing to accept the commitment and responsibility required to fulfill the position. For my senior year I hope to create more fundraising opportunities for our school as well as outside organizations, and I hope to create more events involving the student body such as a spring pep rally. Student government has such an important role in the school and I hope to be a part of it next year,

Senior Vice President

Madeline Garguilo

Hi, I’m Madeline Garguilo and I’m running for senior class Vice President.  I feel qualified for this position through my experience in student council in the past as well as my involvement in other clubs and activities in and out of the school. I have helped organize bake sales and apparel sales all year to help raise money for various events such as Relay for Life and Sunrise Day Camp. Both of these organizations help people battling cancer which is a cause I feel strongly about. I would like to continue having fundraisers like these next year and get more people involved.



Senior Treasurer

Jessica Hupolsky

I am Jessica Huplosky and I am running for Senior Class Treasurer. Going into my senior year I want to make sure that my classmates and I can live up to and go beyond the stereotypical expectations of senior year in which we have the best, most memorable experience of our lives, and what better way to do this than running for a class officer position. Although this would be my first year in the student government, I have been Vice President of the Cancer Awareness Club this year so I feel that I am more than capable to have a leading position in our student body. As VP of the Cancer Awareness Club I have helped to plan Relay for Life by designing/selling shirts, running club meetings, reaching out to the school and our community about the event, and fundraising. Prior to being elected Vice President of the club, I had participated in Cancer Awareness during my freshman and sophomore years and helped to plan OTHON as a member of the club. I am also very active in our extra-curricular activities; I have been captain of the J.V soccer team, and I’ve participated in varsity soccer, badminton, Sport Night, Battle of The Classes and Best Buddies.  As treasurer I plan to help with sales in the lobby, represent the many voices of our class at meetings/assemblies, and making the best senior events (I.e: prom) possible within our budgets. I will help to plan events such as a car wash, bake sales, and more to go toward the senior funds, and of course better the events that are already held in our school. If you all can put your faith and trust in me, I promise to fulfill my duties and help to make OHS the best it has ever been.

Senior Shared Decision

Anthony Iaquinta

My name is Anthony Iaquinta and I have decided to run for senior class treasurer this year. I think that after being involved on the varsity football team, the pit orchestra, battle of the classes and the varsity bowling team I have good ideas on how we can fundraise and maintain the budget. I have seen and learned a lot about fundraising from my football coach Mr. Blount and my sports and entertainment marketing teacher Mr. Grimes. I think that selling t-shirts to kids and faculty in school will be a big hit because it would help relinquish bullying throughout the school and also support the signs that hang on the wall of our school. I also think I would be a good idea for clubs to self-advertise themselves by making t-shirts. Clubs like best buddies do it and it would be great to see other clubs that don’t get as much attention become more popular because of these t-shirts. How many students have really heard of the Young Investors club of Club X or Global Village Club? These t-shirts will persuade many 9th and 10th graders who don’t know what they want to do yet to try something new. My goal for OHS is to maintain the budget for the senior class and work with the other elected officials to the best of my ability and make OHS a fun place to go to school. MY motivation this year to run for class treasurer is to try and get myself more involved throughout the school. For the last 3 years I was too shy to try and take a leadership in anything for that matter but the combination of making the National Honor Society and my passion for math I have decided to try something new and just go for it to be your senior class treasurer.