Meet the OHS Sophomore Student Government Candidates

Below are the OHS sophomore student government candidates.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th.

Sophomore President

Dylan Schneider

Hello my name is Dylan Schneider and I am running for president of the class of 2020. I plan to make Oceanside High School as enjoyable as possible for all students. I hope to be able to take the initiative to expand the amount of activities that are available for students to take part in here at our school, whether that means coming up with new ideas for fundraisers, or promoting the formation of new and diverse clubs. Additionally, my main objective is to make every student at Oceanside High School feel accepted and comfortable while at school.



Lucy Lebowitz

Through my freshmen year, I tried to stay as involved as possible. I shifted from working on art for battle as I was art captain, to helping with the art in sports night, to playing lacrosse for the spring season. For student government, I helped frequently with sales, relay for life, attended most after-school school events, and even did some community service around the holiday time. My goal is to help make the activities done both in and outside of school more enjoyable for everyone, and please all the students and teachers of OHS



Sophomore Vice President

Keriana Calderon


OHS is filled with great opportunities and events for everyone, I have been lucky enough to have participated in swing choir, the musical, track, cheer, future physicians, law club, sports night,turkey shoot, battle of the classes, and currently I am the freshman Vice President. Helping the school raise money, run events where everyone could be involved (talent show, relay for life) or helping community centers makes me love waking up early every Thursday. Oceanside is building a stronger sense of community each year. With the collaborative ambition/persistence I will have student council and I will create a dynamic that will bind different organizations together and hopefully bring O-Thon back. I love being Vice President and hope to continue the job next year!

Nicole Ford

In my Freshman year of high school I participated in Sports night, Battle of the classes, softball, and winter track.During winter track I threw shotput and I also helped draw and paint for battle of the classes. My motivation for running for class office is because my friends said they loved it and because I’d like to see the high school go from something great to something even better. My goals for ohs are to make all the extracurricular activities more publicized so all the students know that they could be part of an amazing club or sport team.



Sophomore Secretary

Julia Candiotti

During my freshman year, I participated in many clubs and events such as DECA where I competed in Freeport and Rochester, Interact club where I volunteered around 20 hours of community service, being overall captain for battle of the classes, and being secretary of the freshmen class. As secretary, I helped out at many sales, attended all meetings and most after school events, and assisted in the turkey shoot efforts. My goal for OHS is to get all students involved by letting them know that there is a place for them, whether it be a club, a sports team, or an activity such as the variety show or battle of the classes.





Sophomore Treasurer

Jenna Picciano

I am Jenna Picciano and I am running for the position as 2017-2018 sophomore treasurer. Within only one year at OHS I have joined and participated in a handful of extracurricular activities, including WiC, musical productions, and more, which have allowed me to experience different areas of student life. Previously, I have also participated in student council at the middle school, where I gained leadership qualities as president. Along with proposing new ideas to the high school community, I hope to further enhance activities already taking place as well as put students’ suggestions into action. I am running because I believe I can bring something new to the table, not only in the high school, but in Oceanside as a community.



Sophomore Shared Decision

Alyssa Batih

During freshman year, I explored many activities at OHS. I helped with art during battle, I played volleyball in the fall, I am on the conference champion girls track team, I handed out shopping lists for the turkey shoot at Stop and Shop, and I competed in Freeport for DECA. I believe that we should make sure every student in OHS has a place where they belong; whether that be a club, sport, or activity they enjoy. I am running for class office because I can assist in making sure that this school is a comprehensive environment for every student to feel accepted and involved.


Elana Pocress

My name is Elana Pocress and I am running for next year’s Shared Decision Making Committee Member. This year I have been involved in various activities such as WiC and Key Club, which has allowed me to be involved in many community wide events. Next year, I plan on participating in school sponsored events such as Battle of the Classes and Sport night. If elected, next year I hope to ensure that an open communication is kept between the student body and those elected. Additionally, I would like students to have the ability to submit suggestions that can be reviewed by a board and possibly be implemented. I hope that those elected will be able to not only better OHS, but Oceanside as well!