Moms Know Best


The mothers of Oceanside have a special way of interacting every piece of news and gossip with each other. Through a Facebook group called “Oceanside Moms”, they have taken over the town with an iron fist. These strong women are the town’s eyes and ears; they hear and see all, so teens, sleep with one eye open!

In the past, this group chat was only used for purely school related news: delayed openings, school cancellations and PTA meetings. It was not very active and didn’t even have half as many members as it does today! However, in the past few years “Oceanside Moms” has evolved into the town oligarchy, reporting on every scandal and criticism in the community.

Moms use this groupchat to confront other mothers about certain children’s behavior.  Sometimes it might be the way some children drive when their own parents aren’t looking or to warn some parents of what may occur at a Massapequa game. The Oceanside Moms group chat is a way to alert other mothers about things that occur in and around the school.

However, it is no lie that these women focus on in-school problems the most. They have addressed all concerns to the school in hopes of making Oceanside a better educational opportunity for their children. Whether it be concerns about a teacher, what’s happening in the classroom or ways to help the school budget! The moms of Oceanside are a tight-knit group of women who know more about the school then some of the administrative.

To be an Oceanside mom you should get 100% and know ALL of the following.


When is Mrs. DeCarlo’s birthday?

When is every football game next year?

Where’s the party this weekend?

Who are in the running for Valedictorian next year (2018 Graduation)?

Dr. Phyllis Harrington’s middle name?

What’s in the school water?

Which moms run Candy Monday?

Who created and co-created the Oceanside Moms group chat?