Movie Review: Edge of Seventeen


The “Edge of Seventeen”, the newest teen movie to hit theaters, is a refreshingly honest and intelligently written dramedy about a young girl who deals with realistic problems regarding friends, family, and boys. The directorial debut of Kelly Fremon Craig, focuses on seventeen year old Nadine Byrd who’s best friend, Krista, falls in love with her older brother who has always been the star of the family. This leaves Nadine by herself as she learns to navigate the relationships that mean the most to her and the meaning of friendship and family.

img_0095Unlike other teen movies that have come out as of recent, such as the Hunger Games or the Maze Runner, this movie doesn’t require a dystopian society or the impending threat of death to captivate viewers and make them want to watch the film. Instead, clever, humorous writing and a witty lead protagonist played with ease by Hailee Steinfeld leave you cringing in your seat, waiting to see what embarrassing situation Nadine will get herself into next. Not only are these situations relatable for the modern-day teenager in high school, but adults will be able to identify with their own experiences in high school.

img_0093Producer James L. Brooks, who has directed works such as Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News, As Good as It Gets, and Say Anything, brings to this movie elements of these 80’s classics that adults and youth will both appreciate.  However, The “Edge of Seventeen” also realistically incorporates the perils of today’s youth in the new social-media era. The film tackles real-life subjects like dealing with loss and teen depression, all with a biting sense of humor adapted to modern day that audiences of all ages will enjoy.

The “Edge of Seventeen” is already one of the most critically-acclaimed teen movies of 2016, with a 95% Rotten Tomatoes score, and is set to become a classic. It has been compared to movies of the John Hughes era, which are known as the definitive material for the teen-dramedy genre, and is a refreshingly honest and memorable film that is bound to go down as one of the best of its kind.