Movie Review: Happy Death Day

Skye Margies

Imagine waking up on your birthday and on your way to a party that night, you die. Creepy right? But suddenly you wake up seconds later on your birthday…again. What is that all about?

Happy Death Day a new horror film which came out on Friday, October 13th is exactly what I needed to get into the Halloween spirit. Walking into a packed theater was precisely what I was expecting, seeing as it was only the 14th and I was lucky to get seats with my 5 other friends.

This movie combines two simple ideas we see often in 2017: horror and repetition. After a night out of drinking and partying the main character “Tree” wakes up on her birthday in an unfamiliar dorm room and is met by a stranger who we later learn is Carter.  She will repeatedly wake up here as she and the audience relive her Death Day over and over again. Each time getting clues as to who might be out to get her.

Tree dies many different ways which helps to keep the audience apprehensive with each new Death Day, but also amused. Tree’s adventures might remind some viewers of Groundhog Day, the Bill Murray classic, but it fits nicely into the horror genre.

As I left the theater I was glad I waited on line for an hour to get my ticket because it was definitely worth it! It will take years to know if Happy Death Day will turn into a classic in the way Groundhog day has, but there is a chance this will enter into that class of movie we come back to every October. If it does then of course it will be with a sense of deja vu that accompanies every annual holiday and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as after we wake up the calendar says November 1st!