New Mascot


“Spirit Week” the week before homecoming is always interesting in the halls of Oceanside High School. Spirit week – we dress up as superheroes, or in our pajamas, all in the name of expressing our pride for OHS. Actually, due to the way the Jewish holidays fall this year we have been gifted two weeks of spirit week! A total of six whole days instead of the traditional and limiting five; Mazel Tov!

That extra day isn’t the only thing pumping up the school this spirit week(s). On the famous “O-Day” when students all wear one of their hundreds of Oceanside High School t-shirts there will be a big reveal. Oceanside students will be introduced to a new mascot as he enters onto the football field for all student eyes to see during Pep Rally. This secretive mascot hasn’t gotten much attention, but those who have glimpsed it seem to think it is worth all the hype, or at least Mr. Turk does. This mascot  will be the new face of Oceanside High School. In fact students and faculty together will decide the name. Check your school email to vote on the name of the new mascot. We will be sailing away from the old “Popeye” and into uncharted waters under the stewardship of our new fearless leader.