New York Fashion Week


Happening twice a year New York Fashion Week, brings designers and fashion addicts together. One time in February and once in September lasting for usually a week or a week and a half. “Fashion Week” occurs in three other countries as well as Paris, Milan and London. Old fashion, current fashion, the trends, everything. I was able to experience New York Fashion Week. The new collections from brand name designers up close and personal. It was an experience of a lifetime. There were many different designers all week long advertising their new ideas for 2017.

fullsizerender-3This September, I experienced designers from New York as well as some Serbian designers. At the Angel Orensanz event space located in the lower east side of Manhattan was where the show was held. “Tigers Eye Clothing” was the first line put on display for fashion hungry eyes. This line was very natural and exotic. Many of dark greens and browns were the colors of this collection. It has a very bohemian look to it. “Popimpresska” a brand by Olga Papkovitch was the second collection brought out. It was a very interesting line. It consisted of many different silks and what was very interesting about it was Olga (designer) had many different prints of pictures collaged onto the silks made into clothing pieces. It was a very cool to say the least.

“Dair” was the third and my favorite collection of the night. This line dealt with a variety of different fabrics. They brought out models wearing fabrics like I’ve never seen before. The fabrics wore them instead of the models wearing it. It was simply amazing. As the models from “Dair” walked down the runway many eyes lit up. Fabrics were flowing like a sheet in the wind. Later this night many Serbian dies gainers were brought out. There were some Serbian designers from Serbian fashion week that were brought to show including “Vasilije Kovacev”, “Vesna Milosevic” and “Bata Spasjevic”. These lines were heading in a direction that older people would like. Their collections had more of a mature look to them, needless to say they were certainly not my favorite.

img_7197Accompanying me on this unrealistic night was my good friend “Malayna Dilsner-Lopez”. She thought it was such an amazing night just like I did. She had the same feelings about the collections as I did. Malayna stated “It was great and full of vibrant energy. Personally I love fashion so I love when NYFW comes around. In my opinion if I had a chance to set up a line I would make it more uplifting and have more movement then the models walking back and forth with blank faces. I would want models dancing and have a more organic approach then just the basic method. I loved the show so much, I cannot wait for next year.” I don’t agree with Malayna in a way that she wants the models to not be so serious. I think it’s a great thing that they are serious because the clothes is supposed to wear the models then rather have the models wearing the clothing.

It looks like this spring is going to have a lot of darker colors and many different fabrics. I am very excited to see what is to be brought to the table for next season.