New York Representative Stands Up For Puerto Rico

Skye Margies

Democratic Representative for New York’s 7th Congressional District, Nydia Velázquez, spoke out against President Trump’s tweets regarding Puerto Rico receiving aid for the First Responders, FEMA, and the Military. Trump stated, using three tweets to complete his thought process.



The President sent out these tweets the morning of October 12th only three weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, which is an extremely short amount of time to remind people of the Puerto Rico that they will not be receiving this support ‘forever’ as Trump said. Mind you, that today is, October 31st  of 2017, the 5 year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and people are still recovering here in Oceanside. Mr. Hickey, a loved teacher here at OHS, told us at the Sider Press that thankfully, he was still able to live in his home in Long Beach but his basement had been ruined. He also mentioned that the floor in one room had been warped due to the water damage and that was only fixed last month (September of 2017). He said that three weeks after Sandy had hit, some local businesses and electricity lines had been repaired, but he still had no heat or electricity.

Now, almost five and a half weeks after the hurricane destroyed the island, the citizens are struggling to survive. According to an article in The Washington Post, “about 80 percent of people on the commonwealth’s main island still have no electricity.” There are families taking in their neighbors; people helping strangers out because they can or they know what it’s like to be in trouble like many are now.

When you hear Ms. Velázquez admonish President Trump, you can hear how strongly she feels about the place where she was born, being treated as lesser than, unimportant, and inconsequential. She speaks with passion but disappointment in her voice as she informs the President and anyone who’s listening about the history of Puerto Rico’s relationship with the United States. In 1898 Puerto Rico was invaded by American troops and as Nydia puts it, “..with that invasion comes responsibility.” She goes on to talk about how unpresidential the tweets were; that one of the jobs of the President of the United States of America is to support the citizens in need, not “kick them while they are down.”