Oceanside Girls Lacrosse: Looking Forward to a Successful Road Ahead


The Oceanside Girl’s lacrosse team has been preparing for a huge win since last June when they fell to Syosset High School’s girl’s lacrosse team. The returning varsity players have been working for what seems like forever to advance past the semi- finals and bring home a conference championship.

Junior attack, Christina McCabe, says “teamwork is important. We all have to work together.” In order to get that title, the players believe that working together is something that will help them reach their goal and something that wasn’t a main focus before.

This team is taking it “One at a time,” says senior Courtney Capo. “We have to work hard to get past semi-finals.” Before looking at counties and even states, getting past the conference champ is the first step in achieving their goal.


In the off season head coach, Ken Dwyer, holds open fields and open gyms for the girls to attend in order to keep their sticks in their hands. There really is no off season for them; nothing comes easy when it comes to winning a conference one championship.  They’re going to have to work hard, but this is one of the best groups of girls that this school has seen. They’re dynamic on the field together and their will to work hard at practice shows just how bad they want it.

For the seniors, most of them have been on the team for at least three years. This is their last shot at winning it all and they will stop at nothing to get there.